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Amber Todd


Objective: Reading scores, such as average literacy grade level are often used as a variable for academic success. It has been found that third grade students reading at grade level are less likely to drop out of high school. The objective of the project is to investigate average reading performance and its implications on English fluency, high school graduation and various social factors.

Methods : Social factors analyzed in this study were single-parent household, residential segregation and severe housing conditions. Illinois data analyzed was from County Health Rankings website ( This study analyzed the change in 2020 reading performance in Illinois and Ohio using an unpaired t-test. Stepwise linear regression analysis was used to study how residential segregation, English proficiency, severe housing conditions and high school graduation account for variance in reading performance in Illinois counties in 2020. Finally, a Pearson/ Spearman correlation analysis was utilized to find the correlation between reading performance and single-parent household in Illinois counties in 2020.

Results: Illinois had significantly lower reading performance than Ohio. Only severe housing conditions significantly predicated reading performance in Illinois. Lastly, as percentage of single-parent household increased per county, average reading performance decreased.

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