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Amber Todd


Objective: The objective of this study is to determine the relationship between flu vaccination rates and education level and income for counties in Ohio. Methods: Data was obtained from in the categories of flu vaccination rates among medicare enrollees, percent of population with some college education, and average household income. The data was then analyzed using the program IBM SPSS statistics version 26. Descriptive statistics were obtained to determine the z-score for each county in each category, making note of counties that are outliers in either the positive or negative direction. A Pearson correlation was then used to quantify the correlation between some college education and flu vaccination rates. A correlation was also quantified for the relationship between some college and median household income. A step wise linear regression was used to determine how the factors of some college education and average household income could account for the variance in the flu vaccination rate in Ohio counties. Results: In the 88 counties of Ohio, the mean vaccination rate for counties is 45.9% with a standard deviation of 4.2%. The correlation coefficient between the vaccination rate and percent of individuals with some college education in a given county was r = 0.488 (p