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Irina Overman


Objective: The purpose of the study was to evaluate whether formative testing from iRAT and MCQ data was predictive of final exam scores for the Staying Alive course at WSU BSOM. Methods: Data was collected from two consecutive classes of first-year medical students (n=234). Data included students’ formative quiz scores (iRAT), formative exam scores (MCQ), final exam scores (NBME), race, and gender. Three regression models were created to analyze the relationship between formative and final scores. Results: The average iRAT score was not a significant predictor of NBME score. 53-56% of the variability in NBME score was attributed to iRAT, MCQ, race, and gender. However, the models lacked the accuracy to predict a score within one letter grade of the actual score. MCQ 5 and MCQ 1 were the strongest predictors of NBME score.