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Amber Todd


Objective: To determine the impact of insufficient sleep on premature death and mental health as well as see how the levels of insufficient sleep in Ohio compare to previous years and to other states in the US. Methods: Data on insufficient sleep, premature death, smoking, food environment index, physical inactivity, and poor mental health days was all collected from County Health Rankings and then analyzed. Results: Insufficient sleep was found to be moderately correlated to years of potential life lost in a positive manner in Ohio in 2020. Insufficient sleep has risen in Ohio from 2016 (35.76%) to 2020 (37.04%). Ohio was found to have the highest level on insufficient sleep compared with select other states (37.04%), and Colorado was found to have the lowest (26.93%). Smoking was positively correlated with insufficient sleep in Ohio in 2020. Food environment index and physical inactivity were able to predict poor mental health days, but insufficient sleep was found not to be a contributor in our model.

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