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Thomas Herchline


Objective: The purpose of this research was to determine the prevalence of herbal medicine use in rural St. Mary Parish, Jamaica. It also aimed to identify which herbs are commonly used and gauge the population’s general attitude toward herbal remedies vs conventional medicine. Methods: A cross-sectional population survey was developed and distributed at eight different clinics throughout St. Mary Parish, Jamaica with a sample size of 68.

Results: It was determined that herbal medicine use is common amongst the Eastern Jamaican population, with 63% of subjects reporting its use. A wide variety of herbal remedies are utilized, with aloe vera, bissy, and castor nut being used by 100% of subjects reporting herb use. Furthermore, roughly 62% of subjects admitted that their health care provider was not aware of their herbal medicine use. The data did not reveal a predominant perception regarding the safeness of herbal medicine vs conventional medicine use, with 39% of responders feeling “not sure”.

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