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Jeannette Manger


A questionnaire pertaining to the nature of science was distributed to 120 students matriculating into a midwestern medical school. Questions were so designed to understand student’s ideas on the nature of science and research, their previous involvement in research, and how they see research playing a role in their lives as future physicians. This study was performed to gain a more accurate understanding of what medical students perceive the nature of science and research is along with possible benefits throughout their careers There is a division in literature concerning the benefits of research in medical school and its ability to significantly show an increase in student success during and after medical school. We as a community should be actively seeking a deeper understanding as to how medical students perceive research and the nature of science as it may lend insight as to the success research is as a tool to equip students and future clinicians with pertinent cognitive, metacognitive, and critical thinking skills that are a necessity in the medical field. Students and physicians without a clear and complete understanding of the theories behind the nature of science and scientific knowledge may not only fail to be successful physicians but may engage in practices that are not helpful or even harmful toward patients.