Submissions from 2020

Teaching About Animals: Incorporating Nonhuman Animals Into Sociology Classrooms, Liz Grauerholz, Julianne Weinzimmer, Erin N. Kidder, and Nicole Owens Duffy

Submissions from 2018

Student Perceptions Regarding Clickers: The Efficacy of Clicker Technologies, Sheri Stover, Sharon G. Heilmann, and Amelia Hubbard


Learner-Centered Design: Is Sage on the Stage Obsolete?, Sheri Stover, Sharon Heilmann, and Amelia Hubbard

The Value of Dialogue Groups for Teaching Race and Ethnicity, Julianne Weinzimmer and Jacqueline A. Bergdahl

Submissions from 2017

Teaching Race (Bioculturally) Matters: A Visual Approach for College Biology Courses, Amelia Hubbard

Testing Common Misconceptions about the Nature of Human Racial Variation, Amelia Hubbard

Sensitivity of Dental Phenotypic Data for the Identification of Biological Relatives, C. M. Stojanowski and Amelia Hubbard

Submissions from 2016

"Left for the Tide to Take Back": Specialized Processing of Seals on Machias Bay, Maine, Robert C. Ingraham, Brian S. Robinson, Kristin D. Sobolik, and A. Sky Heller

Understanding ‘The Panty Shanty’: Off-Campus House Signs as Cultural Texts on Gender and Sexuality, Julianne Weinzimmer and Sarah E. Twill

Submissions from 2015

Do Nuclear DNA and Dental Nonmetric Data Produce Similar Reconstructions of Regional Population History? an Example From Modern Coastal Kenya, Amelia Hubbard, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, and Joel D. Irish

Submissions from 2014


America’s Trivialization of Domestic Violence,” in “The NFL’s Domestic Violence Problem, Julianne Weinzimmer

Harmless and Witty or Dangerous for Women? A Critical Examination of a Campus Ritual, Julianne Weinzimmer

Submissions from 2013


Motherhood, Empowerment, and Resilience within the Context of Intimate Partner Violence, Rebecca Bach, Julianne Weinzimmer, and Shreya Bhandari

Submissions from 2012


Insights from Characterizing Extinct Human Gut Microbiomes, Raul Y. Tito, Dan Knights, Jessica Metcalf, Alexandra J. Obregon-Tito, Lauren M. Cleeland, Fares Najar, Bruce Roe, Karl Reinhard, Kristin D. Sobolik, Samuel L. Belknap, Morris Foster, Paul Spicer, Rob Knight, and Cecil M. Lewis Jr.

Submissions from 2011

Domestic Violence and Motherhood: A Shelter Study, Rebecca Bach and Julianne Weinzimmer

Exploring the Benefits of Community-based Research in a Sociology of Sexualities Course, Rebecca Bach and Julianne Weinzimmer

Brief Communication: DNA from Early Holocene American Dog, Raul Y. Tito, Samuel L. Belknap, Kristin D. Sobolik, Robert C. Ingraham, Lauren M. Cleeland, and Cecil M. Lewis Jr.

Homeland Conflict and Identity for Palestinian and Jewish Israeli Americans, Julianne Weinzimmer

Submissions from 2010

High Dietary Intake of Prebiotic Inulin-Type Fructans from Prehistoric Chihuahuan Desert, Jeff D. Leach and Kristin D. Sobolik

Paleonutrition, Mark Q. Sutton, Kristin D. Sobolik, and Jill Gardner

Submissions from 2009

Sex Differences in Anthropoid Mandibular Canine Lateral Enamel Formation, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Rebecca J. Ferrell, Jennifer Spence, Tiffany Talabere, Amelia Hubbard, and Stacey Schmidt

Under Restrictive Conditions, Can the Widths of Linear Enamel Hypoplasias Be Used as Relative Indicators of Stress Episode Duration?, Amelia Hubbard, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, and Paul W. Sciulli

Submissions from 2006

Cod, Clams and Deer: The Food Remains from Indiantown Island, Arthur E. Spiess, Kristin D. Sobolik, Diana Crader, John Mosher, and Deborah Wilson

Books from 2003

Archaeobiology, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 2001


A Molecular Analysis of Dietary Diversity for Three Archaic Native Americans, Hendrik N. Poinar, Melanie Kuch, Kristin D. Sobolik, Ian Barnes, Artur B. Stankiewicz, Tomasz Kuder, W. Geofferey Spaulding, Vaughn M. Bryant, Alan Cooper, and Svante Pääbo

Submissions from 2000

Skeleton of Extinct North American Sea Mink (Mustela macrodon), Jim I. Mead, Arthur E. Spiess, and Kristin D. Sobolik

Calcined Turtle Bones from the Little Ossippee North Site in Southwestern Maine, Kristin D. Sobolik and Richard Will

Submissions from 1997

Indoor versus Outdoor Firepit Usage: A Case Study from the Mimbres, Kristin D. Sobolik, Laurie S. Zimmerman, and Brooke Manross Guilfoyl

Blanding's Turtle Specimens from the Turner Farm Archaeological Site, North Haven, Maine, Arthur E. Spiess and Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1996


Dietary Variability Among Prehistoric Forager-Farmers of Eastern North America, Kristen J. Gremillion and Kristin D. Sobolik


Lithic Organic Residue Analysis: An Example from the Southwestern Archaic, Kristin D. Sobolik

Sex Determination of Prehistoric Human Paleofeces, Kristin D. Sobolik, Kristen J. Gremillion, Patricia Whitten, and Patty Jo Watson

Submissions from 1994

Microscopic Epidermal Identification of Some Common Desertic Plants, Kristin D. Sobolik

Paleonutrition: The Diet and Health of Prehistoric Americans, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1993

Direct Evidence for the Importance of Small Animals to Prehistoric Diets: A Review of Coprolite Studies, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1992


Microscopic Epidermal Identification of Yucca and Agave for Archaeological Use, Kristin D. Sobolik


Prehistoric Medicinal Plant Usage: A Case Study from Coprolites, Kristin D. Sobolik and Deborah J. Gerick

Submissions from 1991

Prehistoric Diet From the Lower Pecos Region of Texas, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1990


A Nutritional Analysis of Diet as Revealed in Prehistoric Human Coprolites, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1988

Diet Change in the Lower Pecos: Analysis of Baker Cave Coprolites, Kristin D. Sobolik

The Importance of Pollen Concentration Values from Coprolites: An Analysis of Southwest Texas Samples, Kristin D. Sobolik