Urban Materials Spectral Library v1.0

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The asphalt and brick/paver reflectance spectra (see link under "Additional Files" to download") were acquired in and around Dayton and Columbus, Ohio using a JAZ-EL250 handheld spectrometer. Spectra were obtained between 10 am and 2 pm during early November 2017. Raw sample spectra were first corrected with reference (spectralon) and dark spectra. High-frequency instrumentation noise in the refectance spectra was then attenuated using a low-pass filter with a stop-band frequency of 59 cycles/micrometer. The 'Spectral Metadata' tab contains additional information about these spectra (e.g. weather condition, GPS coordinates).

The soil spectra and relevant information were obtained from the ASTER Spectral Library - Version 2.0. The spectra and relevant information are available at https://speclib.jpl.nasa.gov/download .

For all reflectance spectra units are as follows: wavelengths are in micrometers and reflectance values are proportions.

This dataset appears in the Puladas et al. 2018 publication, Sum-Product Unmixing for Hyperspectral Analysis with Endmember Variability.' (See the upper right 'Link to Full Text')

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Urban Materials Spectral Library v1.0 data