Submissions from 2015

Eradicating the Binary of Love and Anger, Nicole A. Carter

Submissions from 2014

“Seeking a Now That Can Breed Futures”: Intergenerational Learning, Black Female Activism, and Survival, Nicole A. Carter

Submissions from 2013

“I know I’m Wrong And Right...I’m the Dark and Light”: Using Hip Hop to Explore the Contradictory Past, Present, and Future of Black Feminist Thought, Nicole A. Carter


Professional Staff Competencies in Women's Centers, Amber L. Vlasnik and Melissa D. DeButz

Submissions from 2012

Critical Race Feminism: An Educational Perspective, Nicole A. Carter

Revolution, Art, and the Permanence of Activism: A Conversation with Suzanne Lacy, Nicole A. Carter

The Role of Women Student Programs and Services: CAS Standards Contextual Statement, C. Martin, R. Morrow, C. Robbins, N. Spencer, and Amber L. Vlasnik

Submissions from 2011

Historical Constructs of Gender and Work: Informing Access and Equity in U.S. Higher Education, Amber L. Vlasnik

Submissions from 2010


Ohio Women’s Centers: Statement of Philosophy, Amber L. Vlasnik