Revolution, Art, and the Permanence of Activism: A Conversation with Suzanne Lacy

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As part of Eastern Michigan University's 2012 Porter Chair Lecture Series, artist, activist, and scholar, Suzanne Lacy was welcomed as one of three speakers who would address the theme "Counternarratives: Hear the Voices of Civic Activism in Urban Education." All of the speakers, including Lacy, have dedicated their lives and careers to unearthing the voices of the silenced by creating spaces for public dialogue in the face of an ongoing war against the public. From Michelle Fine's call for us to engage with youth of color in our research efforts along with her questioning of the Charter School Industrial Complex, to Derrick Jensen's call for us to consider our relationship tho the land and other living species as central to the transformation of education as usual, Suzanne Lacy asks us to consider the relationship between art and activism, and the role that art plays in this transformation.

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