This bibliography was created in 2004 with several audiences in mind: women's center professionals who were interested in best practices; individuals who wished to contribute to the women's centers' literature; and those interested in learning more about women's centers in U.S. higher education. Over the years, the literature about women's centers has grown, and so has the bibliography, which is updated on an annual basis.



Activist Anthropology in a Women's Center, S. L. Allen

Witness/Praise for Campus Women’s Centers, J. Arcana


Feminist Consciousness and the Potential for Change in Campus Based Student Staffed Women's Centers, Teri Ann Bengiveno

Virtual Women's Center, K. Benner


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Fundraising Adds Extras to Women’s Center Programs, S. Cook

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Pilot Women's Empowerment Program, C. F. Curry

Establishing a women’s center in the mid-1970’s, T. P. Farley

Personal Reflections on Building a Women's Center in a Women's College, Jane S. Gould

Experiential Learning Connects Women’s Studies to Centers, Doris Green

Top 10 Lessons Learned by Women's Center Directors, Doris Green

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Introduction, Alice Miller

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A History of the 1970s Office of Women's Programs at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville: A Forerunner to Change, L. M. Stepp

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Book Chapters

The Roles of Women Student Programs and Services: CAS Standards Contextual Statement, B. Bethman, E. Plummer, and B. Rietveld

The Roles of Women Student Programs and Services: CAS Standards Contextual Statement, C. Boyd, J. Cavicchia, Peg Lonnquist, R. Morrow, C. Robbins, and C. Seasholes

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Women Student Programs and Services: CAS Standards and Guidelines, Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

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The Role of Women Student Programs and Services: CAS Standards Contextual Statement, C. Martin, R. Morrow, C. Robbins, N. Spencer, and Amber L. Vlasnik

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Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the Multi-Faceted Women's Center Conference, Rochester MI Continuum Center for Women Oakland University

Women's Centers: Organizational and Institutional Constraints on Meeting Educational Needs, Joan L. Sweeney

Why Would a Community College Want a Women's Center, Larry Tyree


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An Investigation into Personality Factors of Administrators of Women's Centers, Beverly Ann Mitchell


The Possible Impact of Elements of Institutional Culture on Women Students' Higher Education Attainment in Hawaii, Carol A. Parker

A National Needs Analysis of Campus-Based Women's centers: Implications for Higher Education, Cheryl Wendy Phillips

A Study of Women's Centers in Selected Institutions of Higher Education: The Relationship of Institutional and Non-, J. H. Rettke

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Issue Briefs


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