Submissions from 2001


A Molecular Analysis of Dietary Diversity for Three Archaic Native Americans, Hendrik N. Poinar, Melanie Kuch, Kristin D. Sobolik, Ian Barnes, Artur B. Stankiewicz, Tomasz Kuder, W. Geofferey Spaulding, Vaughn M. Bryant, Alan Cooper, and Svante Pääbo

Submissions from 2000

Review of The Mask: Hymns from the Old South; The Mask; Four Songs to Poems of Thomas Campion; Romancero Gitano, op. 152, Hank Dahlman

Skeleton of Extinct North American Sea Mink (Mustela macrodon), Jim I. Mead, Arthur E. Spiess, and Kristin D. Sobolik


Alien Nation: Nineteenth-Century Gothic Fictions and English Nationality by Cannon Schmitt (Review), Barry Milligan

The 'Stately Pleasure-Dome' vs. 'The Dream of Pain and Disease': Coleridge's Body and the Romantic Imagination, Barry Milligan

Calcined Turtle Bones from the Little Ossippee North Site in Southwestern Maine, Kristin D. Sobolik and Richard Will

Submissions from 1999


"His Kipling Period": Bakhtinian Reflections on Annotation, Heteroglossia and Terrorism in the Pynchon Trade, Carol Loranger


Ragged Dick in the Nineties: An Active Learning Student Project, Carol Loranger


Response to Steven Weisenburger's Response, Carol Loranger

"This Book Spill Off the Page in All Directions": What Is the Text of Naked Lunch?, Carol Loranger

Collaborating on ‘The Banks of the Wabash’: A Brief History of an Interdisciplinary Debate, Some New Evidence, and a Reflexive Consideration of Turf and Ownership, Carol Loranger and Dennis Loranger

Dead Puppy Adagio for Glass Harmonica, Scott D. Peterson

Submissions from 1998

Dansk Propaganda under Kejserkrigen, 1625-1629 (Danish), Paul D. Lockhart

"Character and Success": Teaching Sister Carrie in the Context of an On-going American Debate, Carol Loranger


The Self-Growth of Vision and the Self-Repose of Color: A Heideggerian Meditation on the Studio Paintings of Jean Koeller, Charles Taylor

Submissions from 1997

A Pilgrim's Primer, Scott D. Peterson

Indoor versus Outdoor Firepit Usage: A Case Study from the Mimbres, Kristin D. Sobolik, Laurie S. Zimmerman, and Brooke Manross Guilfoyl

Blanding's Turtle Specimens from the Turner Farm Archaeological Site, North Haven, Maine, Arthur E. Spiess and Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1996


Dietary Variability Among Prehistoric Forager-Farmers of Eastern North America, Kristen J. Gremillion and Kristin D. Sobolik

Denmark in the Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648: King Christian IV and the Decline of the Oldenburg State, Paul D. Lockhart


Lithic Organic Residue Analysis: An Example from the Southwestern Archaic, Kristin D. Sobolik

Sex Determination of Prehistoric Human Paleofeces, Kristin D. Sobolik, Kristen J. Gremillion, Patricia Whitten, and Patty Jo Watson

Submissions from 1995

Religion and Princely Liberties: Denmark's Intervention in the Thirty Years War, 1618–1625, Paul D. Lockhart

Pleasures and Pains: Opium and the Orient in Nineteenth-Century British Culture, Barry Milligan

Submissions from 1994

Book Review: Dictionary of Western Church Music, Hank Dahlman

Opium Smoking and the Oriental Infection of British Identity, Barry Milligan

Microscopic Epidermal Identification of Some Common Desertic Plants, Kristin D. Sobolik

Paleonutrition: The Diet and Health of Prehistoric Americans, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1993

Review of Plainsong in the Age of Polyphony, Hank Dahlman

Direct Evidence for the Importance of Small Animals to Prehistoric Diets: A Review of Coprolite Studies, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1992

Review of Ave Maria, op. 110, Hank Dahlman

Review of Fall on Me Like a Silent Dew, Hank Dahlman

Review of Missa Festiva (Festival Mass), Hank Dahlman

Review of Oh, the Summer, Hank Dahlman

Review of The Lamb, Hank Dahlman

The Effect of Choral Program Size, Teacher Experience, and Teacher Education Level on the Selection of High School Choral Music Literature, Hank Dahlman

Denmark and the Empire: A Reassessment of Danish Foreign Policy under King Christian IV, Paul D. Lockhart

'The Plague Spreading and Attacking Our Vitals’: Opium Smoking and the Oriental Infection of the British Domestic Scene, Barry Milligan


Microscopic Epidermal Identification of Yucca and Agave for Archaeological Use, Kristin D. Sobolik


Prehistoric Medicinal Plant Usage: A Case Study from Coprolites, Kristin D. Sobolik and Deborah J. Gerick

Submissions from 1991

Prehistoric Diet From the Lower Pecos Region of Texas, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1990


A Nutritional Analysis of Diet as Revealed in Prehistoric Human Coprolites, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1989

Danish Interwar Politics and the Defence Law of 1937, Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 1988

Diet Change in the Lower Pecos: Analysis of Baker Cave Coprolites, Kristin D. Sobolik

The Importance of Pollen Concentration Values from Coprolites: An Analysis of Southwest Texas Samples, Kristin D. Sobolik

Submissions from 1984

The Confederate Naval Squadron at Charleston and the Failure of Naval Harbor Defense, Paul D. Lockhart