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2-13-2017 2:40 PM

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2-13-2017 3:00 PM


Bruce LaForse is an associate professor of classics, who specializes in the history of ancient Greece. He has published articles on the 4th century BCE Athenian historian-philosopher Xenophon, as well as on military history and ancient concepts of ethnicity. He received an M.A. in Greek and Ph.D. in classics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has also studied at the American Numismatics Society in New York and at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. LaForse has been at Wright State since 2000. He currently is the director of the Liberal Studies program. He is also a faculty advisor for the Veteran and Military Center on campus and teaches a course for the minor in Veterans Studies. LaForse spent the fall 2015 semester on sabbatical as a senior associate member at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.


Feb 13th, 2:40 PM Feb 13th, 3:00 PM

A Semester at The American School of Classical Studies at Athens: An Update from Greece.

Millett Hall Atrium