Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


The Great Ocean Rescue is an outstanding computer application for students of many ages and abilities. The authors have used The Great Ocean Rescue for several years with students from grades 2 through college. The Great Ocean Rescue is an outstanding software application for teaching about a variety of environmental and social issues.

In addition to the software options, the kit offers a teacher's guide and 28 student map resource booklets(seven sets of four), lesson plans, activities, and blackline masters. The CD-ROM version includes one set of students references. All versions contain a library of over 85 short movies and stills. All activities are correlated with lesson plans and a comprehensive teacher's guide.

Groups of four are suggested, but group size might vary. It is the collaborative learning aspect of The Great Ocean Rescue that suggest that these curriculum material are so valuable for the inclusion classroom. The authors recommend that care be taken in assigning students to group work. In addition to academic ability, be certain to balance teams on the basis of ethnicity, race, and gender.

Thus it is the structuring of the student groups that is key to successful teaching. Many inclusion teachers have developed very good strategies for placing students in work teams. The authors strongly maintain that teamwork is central to good inclusive education.