Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


Although I did not realize it at the time, my first experiences in parenting evolved around a child who was diagnosed with onset pervasive developmental disorder by age five. Due to his hyperactivity, he was prescribed Ritalin. Within two weeks after being given this medication, he developed motor and vocal tics and was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome (TS) by the time he reached nine years of age. Subsequently, I began a teaching career in special education. During this time, I had guidance by a psychologist and two physicians who taught me a great deal about Tourette’s syndrome (TS). In the years that followed, I continued to research TS and met individuals through my job, at meetings, and at conferences. I discovered that there were different characteristics among individuals who have a child diagnosed with TS. Through review of recent research I discovered there remains controversy in the symptoms and characteristics of an individual with TS and related disorders. I remain interested in this field and continue to be captivated by the evolving history and research in the area of Tourette’s syndrome.