Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


This edition continues the conversation concerning inclusive education by adding several articles from international authors.

Drs. Blankenship, Fore and Boon of the University of Georgia provide a review of the literature concerning the efficacy and perception of inclusion at the secondary level for students with mild disabilities.

Dr. Tsafi Timor currently teaches English in the secondary schools in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Her article addresses the issue of including students with learning disabilities in secondary schools in Israel.

Dr. Marie S. Farmer of Georgia College and State University focuses her research on the future expectations of students with mental retardation included in regular education classrooms.

Dr. Seevers and Ms. Garcia survey general education teachers’ attitudes regarding the use of assistive technology by students with learning disabilities.

Ms. Cam Cobb of the Toronto District School Board identifies the potential needs of within the Korean-Canadian community concerning students with special needs. She then describes a source of support that has been developed by the community itself.

Dr. Miller, Garriott, and Mershon discuss the perceptions of placement by students in general education classrooms.

The additional voices of the international community bring a new flavor and perspective to the conversation concerning inclusive education. We are delighted to have their voices as well as the voices of those here in the United States in this discussion of the needs of students with special needs.