Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education

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Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2010 edition of the Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education.

This issue contains research into the planning, communication, and collaboration necessary for successful inclusion efforts.

Dr. Ida Malian provides us with a study that explores Co-Teaching as a means of providing for the needs of exceptional learners.

Dr. Vance Austin also explores this topic of co-teaching in a middle school as a means of including students with special needs.

Dr. Carl Saltarelli discusses the relationship between early college credit and higher achievement with undergraduate students.

Dr. Richard Mehrenberg provides a qualitative investigation into the process of redesigning college classes to strengthen a teacher preparation program and to satisfy new state requirements.

Dr. Stephanie Kurtts presents a study concerning response to intervention, with resources for intervention planning.

Dr. Dorit Patkin and Dr. Tisafi Timor provides an international context for inclusion with a study in elementary teachers attitudes about the inclusion of students in mathematics classes.

Dr. Martin Musengi and Dr. Tapiwa Mudy Ahoto continue with an international flavor with a study concerning the sports participation by pupils with disabilities in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Geraldine M. Nierengarten and Trudie Hughes provide an insightful look into the needs of successful co-teaching in high schools.