Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


Welcome to the Spring /Summer 2012 edition of The Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education. As you can see we have a new format and a new location in the electronic course reserves in the Dunbar Library here at Wright State University.

This edition of the journal continues the international discussion with articles from:

Dr. S. R. S. Litheko from South Africa describing the difference in performance of teachers between schools in urban and rural areas of South Africa.

Dr. Jenny Wells and Dr. Drue Narkon from Hawaii compare word identification using a traditional or electronic word wall instruction for kindergarteners with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Virginia Heslinga and Ms. Erica Nevenglosky from Massachusetts discuss enhancing the diversity in a classroom by adding sign language to the curriculum for a group of heterogeneous learners.

Dr. Tsafi Timor from Israel describes the link between learning disabilities and moral reasoning in the context of criminal behaviors.

Dr. Martha Michael of Columbus, Ohio describes the use of visual graphs when planning for instruction in a tutoring setting.

Dr. Michael also shares a poem entitled Guthrie concerning her son. Once again to this new edition and to this new location and format!

Patricia R. Renick: Editor