Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


The ePortfolio is a web-based innovation that allows teacher education students to demonstrate their competency and share their work on websites. While the original impetus for this work was in professional placement. A platform where students could represent their strengths to potential employers was developed. It has since become the means by which to address state and national mandates for standards performance assessment. The three-part developmental structure of the ePortfolio, in fact, offers a mechanism for demonstrating to faculty, assessors, and to students themselves a mastery of complex learning systems and strategies. The framework for professional development begins with an individual student website maintained for the collection of materials from courses and field experiences with elements of their learning linked to approved performance standards. The second stage is selecting key documents and evidence of best teaching practices to create an electronic portfolio to present a comprehensive picture of academic preparation, performance, pedagogy, and practice to faculty and assessors. The third and final stage is an evolving repository and self-selected professional items for career use as the student transfers from the campus setting to the world of work.