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Charles Ciampaglio (Committee Chair), David Dominic (Committee Member), Ernie Hauser (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


A fossiliferous lag layer is exposed, at low water levels, next to Point "A" Dam north of River Falls, Alabama. The location of the research site was a coastal region, during the Middle Eocene, and most likely an estuary with complex depositional systems due to the interaction of fluvial and tidal processes. Most of the vertebrate remains at this locality are well preserved and indicate a low-energy environment. The exposure consists of unconsolidated sands rich with Chondrichthyan and Reptilian remains. Little work has been conducted at this location and the exposure was thought to be conformable. With a thorough lithological investigation and systematic sampling it has become apparent that this is not an unconformable exposure but actually displays a discernable interface between the Tallahatta and Lisbon Formations. Furthermore, this area displays distinct characteristics of a macro-to-mesoscopic bone-bed that is exposed for roughly 600 meters along the Conecuh River.

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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