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Nancy Bigley (Advisor), Cheryl Conley (Committee Member), Barbara Hull (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Flow cytometry is the standard method used to diagnose, stage, and monitor patients' response to the treatment given by counting the numbers of CD5, CD19 and CD5+ CD19+ B lymphocytes. In this study, a comparison was done between numbers of single CD5+, single CD19+ and dual CD5+ CD19+ mouse spleen B lymphocytes using flow cytometry and antibody-latex beads. The bead method involved antibody-coated latex bead and yielded results similar to those of flow cytometry. For cells exhibiting both markers (CD5+ CD19+), the bead method used antibody-coated beads of two different colors yielded similar results to those of flow cytometry results. These findings show that the antibody-coated beads are adequate to determine the numbers of single CD5+, CD19+positive cells and CD5+ CD 19+double positive B lymphocytes under circumstance where flow cytometry is not available.

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Microbiology and Immunology

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