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Don Cipollini (Advisor), Thomas Rooney (Committee Member), John Stireman (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to investigate novel interactions of native herbivores (Abia inflata, Abia americana, Zaschizonyx montana, and Hyphantria cunea) with non-native plants in Ohio. No-choice and choice bioassays were conducted with adults and larvae to examine life history traits, performance, and preference of these herbivores feeding exclusively on native and non-native species and damaged and undamaged foliage. It was found that all organisms in this study can perform well and complete their whole life cycle on L. maackii. Adult A. americana will oviposit in non-native hosts however newly emerged larvae have 100% larval mortality on L. japonica. A. inflata had a reduction in larval mass on herbivore damaged foliage but not artificially damaged foliage. Some non-native species (L. maackii, L. tatarica and P. calleryana) appear to be suitable host for H. cunea, whereas other non-native species (L. japonica, E. alatus, and E. umbellata) are unsuitable hosts for early larval development. When given a choice H. cunea caterpillars preferred native foliage. These studies could benefit efforts at using these native insects as biocontrol agents for L. maackii or other non-native, invaders.

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Department of Biological Sciences

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