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Dean Eklund (Committee Co-chair), Chung-jen Tam (Committee Member), J. Mitch Wolff (Advisor), J. Mitch Wolff (Committee Co-chair)

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSEgr)


Numerical analysis was performed on a Dual-Mode Scramjet isolator-combustor. Preliminary analysis was performed to form a baseline geometry. Another study validated the results of a 2D model compared to a 3D model. Stable combustion was shown at two different flight conditions, M=3.0 and M=2.5. A marginal 5% decrease in stream thrust was shown by introducing a 50/50 mix of methane and ethylene. Based on the results of the preliminary analysis, detailed geometry analysis was performed on the 3D baseline geometry. Adding a new set of cavity feeding injectors increased the overall stream thrust and the equivalence ratio in the cavity. Using less fuel than the baseline configuration, revealed a 6.4% increase in stream thrust and an 11% increase in combustion efficiency by placing the second stage injector further upstream. Future analysis includes combining the cavity feeding with closer injector placement, which is expected to yield even better results.

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Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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