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Thomas Hartrum (Committee Member), Yong Pei (Advisor), Thomas Sudkamp (Other), Joseph F. Thomas, Jr. (Other), Bin Wang (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


In this thesis compression ratio and latency of different classical audio music tracks are analyzed with various encoder options of MPEG4ALS. Different tracks of audio music tracks are tested with MPEG4-ALS coder with different options to find the optimum values for various parameters to obtain maximum compression ratio with minimum CPU time (encoder and decoder time). Optimum frame length for which the compression ratio saturates for music audio is found out by analyzing the results when different classical music tracks are experimented with various frame lengths. Also music tracks with varying sampling rate are tested and the compression ratio and latency relationship with sampling rate are analyzed and plotted. It is found that the compression gain rate was higher when the codec complexity is less, and joint channel correlation and long term correlations are not significant and latency trade off make the more complex codec options unsuitable for applications where latency is critical. When the two entropy coding options, Rice code and BGMC (Block Gilbert-Moore Codes) are applied on various classical music tracks, it was obvious that the Rice code is more suitable for low-latency applications compared to the more complex BGMC coding, as BGMC improved compression performance with the expense of latency, making it unsuitable in real-time applications.

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Department of Computer Science

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