Submissions from 2008


Russia and the Ottoman Empire: Transregional and Comparative Approaches, Sean Pollock

The Caucasus and Caucasians between Russia and Middle East: Reactions for the Sake of Religion and State, Sean Pollock


The Fortieth National Convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Sean Pollock

Marketing a Mountain: Changing Views of Environment and Landscape on Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, Drew A. Swanson

The Liberal Republicanism of John Taylor of Caroline (Review), Drew A. Swanson

Submissions from 2007

Indian Metropolis: Native Americans in Chicago, 1945-75 by James B. LaGrand (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Fate of Communion: The Agony of Anglicanism and the Future of a Global Church by Ephraim Radner and Philip Turner (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Religious Appeal of Socialism: Four Case Studies, Jacob H. Dorn

Denmark, 1513-1660: The Rise and Decline of a Renaissance Monarchy, Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 2006

American Denominations and Denominationalism, Jacob H. Dorn

“An Obituary for Ohio Progressivism" by John Wegner (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Religion and American Politics Today: From the Old Social Gospel to the New Christian Right, Jacob H. Dorn

The Boundaries of Progressivism: The Urban Vision of the Catholic Sisters of the Santa Maria Institute” by M. Christine Anderson (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

“The Meaning of Progressivism for African Americans: A Case Study of Change and Continuity in Cincinnati’s Black Community” by Nancy Bertaux, Jacob H. Dorn

Comparing Failed Revolutions: Recent Studies on Colombia, El Salvador, and Chiapas, John Sherman

Submissions from 2005

“Arthur Ernest Morgan and the Moraine Park School, 1916-1927” by Joseph Watras (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

“Bloodsport for the Undergrads: Flag Rush and Higher Education during the Progressive Era” by Kevin Grace (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Christian Ideals and the Birth of a Settlement House, Jacob H. Dorn

All Things Human: Henry Codman Potter and the Social Gospel in the Episcopal Church by Michael Bourgeois (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Brahmin Prophet: Phillips Brooks and the Path of Liberal Protestantism by Gillis J. Harp (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Kingdom Is Always but Coming: A Life of Walter Rauschenbusch by Christopher H. Evans (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Religion, Jacob H. Dorn

“Socialist Municipal Administrations in the Progressive Era Midwest" by Arthur E. DeMatteo (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

The Beard Movement in Victorian Britain, Christopher Oldstone-Moore

Submissions from 2004

"A Perplexed Predicament": American Socialist Preachers and Their Churches in the Progressive Era, Jacob H. Dorn

Church-State Relations After American Independence, Jacob H. Dorn

Church-State Relations in Colonial America, Jacob H. Dorn

Stewart Headlam’s Radical Anglicanism: The Mass, the Masses, and the Music Hall by John Richard Orens (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Frederik II and the Protestant Cause: Denmark's Role in the Wars of Religion, 1559-1596, Paul D. Lockhart

Sweden in the Seventeenth Century (European History in Perspective), Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 2003


"In Spiritual Communion": Eugene V. Debs and the Socialist Christians, Jacob H. Dorn

Asian Merchants and Businessmen in the Indian Ocean and the China Sea (Review), Awad Halabi


Pilgrimages, Awad Halabi

Submissions from 2002

An Optimistic Millennialism: Edward Bellamy’s Vision of Socialism as ‘Applied Christianity’, Jacob H. Dorn

Britain’s First Worker-Priests: Radical Ministry in a Post-War Setting by John Mantle (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation by Nancy F. Cott (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Kingdom of God as Cooperative Commonwealth: Socialist Christians, the Millennial Ideal, and the State, Jacob H. Dorn

The Reverend Mark Matthews: An Activist in the Progressive Era (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


Arabs, Awad Halabi


Muslims, Sunni, Awad Halabi


The Nabi Musa Festival Under British-Ruled Palestine, Awad Halabi


Radical Religion from Shakespeare to Milton: Figures of Nonconformity in Early Modern England by Kristen Poole (Review), Christopher Oldstone-Moore


Terra Incognita, Sean Pollock


Colonial Legacies: The Problem of Persistence in Latin American History (Review), John Sherman

Submissions from 2001


Studies on the Internal Diaspora of the Byzantine Empire (Review), Martin Arbagi


The Gold Coast Church and the Ghetto: Christ and Culture in Mainline Protestantism by James K. Wellman (Review), Jacob Dorn

Tradition and the Tombs of the Prophet Moses: The Medieval Islamic Period, Awad Halabi

Political Language and Wartime Propaganda in Denmark, 1625–1629, Paul D. Lockhart

Amir Temur and Sayyid Baraka, Ashirbek Muminov, Bakhtiyar Babadzhanov, and Sean Pollock


The Forgotten Origins of the Ecumenical Movement in England: The Grindelwald Conferences, 1892-95, Christopher Oldstone-Moore

Prince of Princes: The Life of Potemkin by Simon Sebag Montefiore (Review), Sean Pollock

Submissions from 2000


Byzantium in the Ninth Century: Dead or Alive?: Papers from the Thirtieth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Birmingham, March 1996 (Review), Martin Arbagi


Holy Toledo: Religion and Politics in the Life of "Golden Rule" Jones by Marnie Jones (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Will Campbell: Radical Prophet of the South by Merrill M. Hawkins, Jr. (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

"We Slavishly Request": Invitations to Empire and Russian Political Patronage in the Balkans, Sean Pollock

Making Tobacco Bright: Creating an American Commodity 1617-1937 (Review), Drew A. Swanson

Submissions from 1999


Unsentimental Reformer: The Life of Josephine Shaw Lowell by Joan Waugh (Review), Jacob Dorn

Christian Social Thought in Great Britain Between the Wars by Bruce Wollenberg (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Intercollegiate Review, Jacob H. Dorn

University Bookman, Jacob H. Dorn

The Kingdom of Character: The Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, 1886-1926 (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Kingdom of God and the Cooperative Commonwealth: Socialist Christians, the State, and the Millennial Ideal in Early Twentieth Century America, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1998


Leimon: Studies Presented to Lennart Rydén on His Sixty-Fifth Birthday (Review), Martin Arbagi

Book Reviews: The Americas, Jacob H. Dorn

A Kingdom on Earth: Anglo-American Social Christianity, 1880-1940 by Paul T. Phillips (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Rocky Mountain Radical: Myron W. Reed, Christian Socialist by James A. Denton (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

St. James’ Church, Greenfield, Massachusetts: An Episcopal Parish in Social Change, 1812-1993 by John D. Kazar, Jr. (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Socialism and Christianity in Early Twentieth-Century America, Jacob H. Dorn

The Social Gospel and Socialism: A Comparison of the Thought of Francis Greenwood Peabody, Washington Gladden, and Walter Rauschenbusch, Jacob H. Dorn

The Social Gospel of E. Nicholas Comfort: Founder of The Oklahoma School of Religion (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Dansk Propaganda under Kejserkrigen, 1625-1629 (Danish), Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 1997

Book Reviews: The Americas, Jacob H. Dorn

John E. Hines: Granite on Fire by Kenneth Kesselus (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Radical Christian and Exemplary Lawyer: Honoring William Stringfellow (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


Standing Against the Whirlwind: Evangelical Episcopalians in Nineteenth-Century America by Diana Hochstedt Butler (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1996


The Making of Byzantine History: Studies Dedicated to Donald M. Nicol (Review), Martin Arbagi

A Keeper of the Word: Selected Writings of William Stringfellow (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


The World's Parliament of Religions: The East/West Encounter, Chicago, 1893 by Richard Hughes Seager (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Religion and the American Experience, the Twentieth Century: A Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Washington Gladden and the Social Gospel, Jacob H. Dorn

Denmark in the Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648: King Christian IV and the Decline of the Oldenburg State, Paul D. Lockhart

The Fall of Parnell: Hugh Price Hughes and the Nonconformist Conscience, Christopher Oldstone-Moore


Staroobriadcheskaia Kniga v Rossii vo Vtoroi Polovine XVII v.: Istochniki, Tipy i Evoliutsiia by Nikolai Iur'evich Bubnov (Review), Sean Pollock

Submissions from 1995


Forlorn Hope of Freedom: The Liberty Party in the Old Northwest, 1838-1848 by Vernon L. Volpe (Review), Jacob Dorn

Book Reviews: The American Presidency: An Intellectual History (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Church Under Thatcher by Henry Clark (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Origins of Walter Rauschenbusch's Social Ethics (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Religion and Princely Liberties: Denmark's Intervention in the Thirty Years War, 1618–1625, Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 1994


Byzantine Diplomacy: Papers from the Twenty-Fourth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Cambridge, March 1990 (Review), Martin Arbagi

Spiritual Spectacles: Vision and Image in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Shakerism by Sally M. Promey (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


Women, Family, and Utopia: Communal Experiments of the Shakers, the Oneida Community, and the Mormons by Lawrence Foster (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Radical Christians and Progressive Americans, Jacob H. Dorn

Radical Christians in Progressive America, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1993


The Social Gospel and Socialism: A Comparison of the Thought of Francis Greenwood Peabody, Washington Gladden, and Walter Rauschenbusch, Jacob Dorn

Book Reviews: Early American Methodism, Jacob H. Dorn

Community of Learning: The American College and the Liberal Arts Tradition (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Downtown Churches: Do They Have a Future?, Jacob H. Dorn

Alexander Crummell: Destiny and Race: Selected Writings, Alexander Crummell: A Study of Civilization and Discontent by Wilson Jeremiah Moses, and Alexander Crummell (1819-1898) and the Creation of an African-American Church in Liberia by J. R. Oldfield (Reviews), Jacob H. Dorn


The Protestant Experience in Gary, Indiana, 1906–1975: At Home in the City by James W. Lewis (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

First Congregational in Transition, Jacob H. Dorn