Submissions from 1993


Order Against Chaos: Business Culture and Labor Ideology in America, 1880-1915 by Sarah Lyons Watts (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Social Gospel and Socialism: The Perspectives of Francis G. Peabody, Washington Gladden, and Walter Rauschenbusch, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1992


Latins and Greeks in the Eastern Mediterranean After 1204 (Review), Martin Arbagi

The Social Gospel in Black and White: American Racial Reform, 1885-1912 by Ralph E. Luker (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Episcopal Priest and Socialist Activist: The Case of Irwin St. John Tucker, Jacob H. Dorn

Denmark and the Empire: A Reassessment of Danish Foreign Policy under King Christian IV, Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 1991


Handbuch der Byzantinistik by Otto Mazal (Review), Martin Arbagi


Steeples and Stacks: Religion and Steel Crisis in Youngstown by Thomas G. Fuechtmann (Review), Jacob Dorn


The Struggle for America's Soul: Evangelicals, Liberals, and Secularism by Robert Wuthnow (Review), Jacob Dorn

Christian Socialists in Progressive America, 1890-1920, Jacob H. Dorn

American Apostasy: The Triumph of "Other" Gospels (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Liberty and Justice for All: Racial Reform and the Social Gospel (1877–1925) by Ronald C. White, Jr. (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


Religion and American Life: Resources (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Queen and the Arts: Cultural Life in Nineteenth Century Cincinnati by Robert C. Vitz (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

"He Stirreth Up the People": Glimpses of a Socialist Priest, Jacob H. Dorn

"Religion and Civic Culture in Central Europe around 1900" by John W. Boyer (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

The Congregationalists by J. William T. Youngs, Jacob H. Dorn

"The State, the University and the Public Good: Progressivism as 'Revitalized' Social Christianity" by Eugene Y. Lowe (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1990


Following In His Steps: A Biography of Charles M. Sheldon by Timothy Miller (Review), Jacob Dorn

"Bob Jones vs. Billy Graham: A Study in American Fundamentalism" by Mark Dalhouse (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Kate Richards O'Hare, Jacob H. Dorn

"The Mennonites of Ohio" by Delbert Gratz (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1989


Byzantium: Tribute to Andreas N. Stratos, 1: History - Art And Archaeology; 2: Theology and Philology (Review), Martin Arbagi


Without Help or Hindrance: Religious Identity in American Culture by Eldon G. Ernst (Review), Jacob Dorn

Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience: Studies of Traditions and Movements (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Religious Diversity and Social Change: American Cities, 1890-1906 (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Danish Interwar Politics and the Defence Law of 1937, Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 1988

A History of Union Theological Seminary in New York (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

"American Religious Thought and Social Violence" by Stuart D. Hobbs (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Mission on Taylor Street: The Founding and Early Years of The Dayton Brethren in Christ Mission by Paul S. Boyer (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

"Indications of a Worldly Spirit: Religious Opposition to the Theater in Cincinnati, 1815-1830" by Dennis Walsh (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Washington Gladden, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1987

Modern American Religion, Volume 1: The Irony of It All, 1893-1919 by Martin E. Marty (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1986


Ministers of Reform: The Progressives' Achievement in American Civilization, 1889-1920 by Robert M. Crunden (Review), Jacob Dorn


Religion and Reform in the City: The Re-Thinking Chicago Movement of the 1930s, Jacob Dorn

The Soul of the Wobblies: The I.W.W., Religion, and American Culture in the Progressive Era, 1905-1917 by Donald E. Winters, Jr. (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

"The Missing Years of Social Gospel History" by Donald K. Gorrell (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

"The Old Order Amish in the News" by John Nethers (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1985


Saving the Waifs: Reformers and Dependent Children, 1890-1917 by Leroy Ashby (Review), Jacob Dorn


Walter Rauschenbusch: Selected Writings (Review), Jacob Dorn

Black Socialist Preacher: The Teachings of Reverend George Washington Woodbey and His Disciple, Reverend George W. Slater, Jr. (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Fundamentalism and American Evangelicalism, Jacob H. Dorn

The Seeds of Secularization: Calvinism, Culture, and Pluralism in America, 1870-1915 by Gary Scott Smith (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1984

Main Themes in American Catholic History, Jacob H. Dorn

"Stewards of Business and Benevolence: Protestants in Antebellum Cleveland" by Michael McTighe (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

"Woman, Sin No More: The Retreat of Cleveland, 1869-1936" by Marian J. Morton (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

The Confederate Naval Squadron at Charleston and the Failure of Naval Harbor Defense, Paul D. Lockhart

Submissions from 1983


Liudprand von Cremona: Eine Studie zum Ost-Westlichen Kulturgefälle im Mittelalter by Michael Rentschler (Review), Martin Arbagi

"A Re-Examination of Washington Gladden's Views on 'The Race Question'" by Michael W. Harris (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn


The Divided Mind of Protestant America, 1880-1930 by Ferenc M. Szasz (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


The Righteous Remnant: The House of David by Robert S. Fogarty (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Patterns in American Jewish History, Jacob H. Dorn

"Robert E. Speer on Christianity and Race" by John F. Piper (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

"The Black Social Gospel Movement: Formative Years, 1895-1923" by James Washington (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

The Fatherhood of God and the Victorian Family: The Social Gospel in America (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


The Rural Ideal and Agrarian Realities: Arthur E. Holt, and the Vision of a Decentralized America in the Interwar Years, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1981

American Protestantism and Social Reform, Jacob H. Dorn

Social Justice for Rural America: Arthur E. Holt and Urban Rural Conflict in the 1920s and 1930s, Jacob H. Dorn

The Revival of Conservative Evangelical Religion in America, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1980


Roots of Modern Mormonism by Mark P. Leone (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1979

Architect of Unity: A Biography of Samuel McCrea Cavert (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

"A Sense of Community: The Influence of Small Town Culture on Progressivism and Fundamentalism" by Douglas E. Herman (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

"Herbert Croly and the Architectural Record, 1891 to 1930" by Leonard E. Hullar (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1978


Octavius Brooks Frothingham, Gentle Radical by J. Wade Caruthers (Review), Jacob Dorn

"A Time of Grave Peril and Great Hope: American Liberals and the Second Reconstruction, 1919-1920" by Eugene M. Tobin (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

The American Spirit: A Spiritual Society and Its Historical Awareness, Jacob H. Dorn

The Covenant in American Theology and Religion, Jacob H. Dorn

"Warren G. Harding and the 'New Era' Philosophy: Political Implications of Public Policy in the 1920s" by Robert O. Rupp (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1977

My Parents: A Differing View by James Roosevelt (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Oscar Carleton McCulloch, 1843-1891: Preacher and Practitioner of Applied Christianity by Genevieve C. Weeks (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Social Philosophy of Reinhold Niebuhr: An Historical Introduction by Michael Link (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1976

Church and State in American History, Jacob H. Dorn

Appointment at Armageddon: Muckraking and Progressivism in American Life by Louis Filler (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

A Rendezvous with Destiny: The Roosevelts of the White House by Elliot Roosevelt (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Between Caesar and Jesus by George D. Herron, Tools and the Man: Property and Industry Under the Christian Law by Washington Gladden, Rebel, Priest, and Prophet: A Biography of Dr. Edward McGlynn by Stephen Bell (Reviews), Jacob H. Dorn

Charles A. Beard and American Foreign Policy by Thomas C. Kennedy (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The American Heritage History of the Congress of the United States by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., Jacob H. Dorn

Religion and Social Reform, Jacob H. Dorn

Religion as a Force in American Independence, Jacob H. Dorn

Religion in the Founding of America, Jacob H. Dorn

Revivalism and Pietism, Jacob H. Dorn

The Past Engages the Present, Jacob H. Dorn

The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1973

"Eccentric Reform: Jesse Jones and the Christian Labor Union" by Stephen Scholl (Commentary), Jacob H. Dorn

An Untold Story: The Roosevelts of Hyde Park by Elliot Roosevelt (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

FDR: The Beckoning of Destiny by Kenneth S. Davis (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Radical Visions and American Dreams: Culture and Social Thought in the Depression Years by Richard H. Pells (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Religion and the City, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1972

The Development of Denominationalism in the United States, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1971

A Bibliography of Sources for Dayton, Ohio, 1850-1950, Carl M. Becker, Jacob H. Dorn, and Paul G. Merriam


Sunday Afternoon: The Early Social Gospel in Journalism, Jacob H. Dorn

Washington Gladden, the Social Gospel, and Urban America, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1970

The Charles A. Briggs Heresy Trial: Prologue to Twentieth-Century Liberal Protestantism (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

The Old Social Gospel and the "New Breed" in the American Churches, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1969


Lewis Tappan and the Evangelical War Against Slavery by Bertram Wyatt-Brown (Review), Jacob H. Dorn


Subsistence Homesteading in Dayton, Ohio, 1933-1935, Jacob H. Dorn

Submissions from 1968

Reinterpretation in American Church History (Review), Jacob H. Dorn

Washington Gladden: Prophet of the Social Gospel, Jacob H. Dorn