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Amber Todd


Objective: Determine what factors are associated with increased mortality in infants <1 year old due to respiratory syncytial virus. Methods: Using publicly accessible infant mortality data from CDC Wonder, I used z-scores to compare infant death rates due to RSV between different groups including levels of prematurity, birth weight, and race. Results: When compared by race, mortality rates were highest for infants with mothers who are American Indian or Alaska Natives, followed by infants with Black mothers, and lowest for infants with White or Asian mothers. Infants born with lower weight at birth had higher mortality rates by RSV than infants with higher birth weights. Infants born prematurely, especially at <28 weeks gestation had higher RSV mortality rates. When compared by geographic region, RSV mortality rates were highest in the Southern U.S.. Sorting by mother’s age, infants born to younger mothers, especially mothers <20 years old had higher mortality rates due to RSV. These findings align with previous research focusing on RSV mortality and overall trends in epidemiological factors influencing infant mortality.