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Akpofure Peter Ekeh


Background In a laparoscopic appendectomy, closure of the appendeceal stump can be done using an endostapler or endoloop. We compared outcome data of the two techniques in patients who underwent laparoscopic appendectomy.

Method We included all patient > 18 years who underwent laparoscopic appendectomy for acute appendicitis at a single institution over a 4-year period. Demographic and outcome data were compared between both groups. Results 501 patients, with no significant differences in age, gender or BMI, were identified for the study. No differences were noted in procedure length, readmission rates, complication rates (including intra-abdominal abscess) or hospital charges. There was a slightly shorter length of stay in the endoloop closure group (1.22 days) vs endostapler (1.38 days), p= 0.002.

Conclusion Neither technique of appendiceal stump closure demonstrated a unique advantage. These findings may have more relevance in lower resource environments that may not have access to surgical staplers.

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