Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


The Israeli education system has, over the past decade, moved towards the adoption of a more inclusive approach to meet the needs of students with identified learning disabilities. As a consequence many more students in the secondary sector (12-18) are now more willing to acknowledge that they require additional support. The main focus of this research was to assess the extent to which school staff perceives that the curriculum in secondary schools is being reasonably adjusted to meet these learning needs. The study examines the views of head teachers, counselors and teachers in five secondary schools in Tel-Aviv area, Israel. Initially a survey was employed to assess the extent of the issue and this was then followed up with a smaller number of in-depth interviews of staff members. The analysis indicates discrepancies between attempts to broaden the curriculum offered and specific provision for students with identified learning disabilities. The paper ends with the suggestion that further research is required to assess the impact of professional development on the situation.