Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


Welcome to the Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education and Happy New year and Happy New Decade. Our journal continues the conversation concerning inclusive education with this new edition.

Ms. Elizabeth Collett and Dr. Mary Jane Harkens explore inclusive education from the perspective of pre-service teachers. Their opening paragraph has some very powerful statements.

Mr. Charles Zascavage and Dr. Victoria Zascavage provide a compelling look at adapting and redesigning a web-mastering course with increased achievement for both students with special needs and general education students. The perspective is from a business education teacher and supervisor.

Ms. Christina DeRoche provides a qualitative study into an inclusive classroom in Northern Ontario. She explores student interactions and uses Goffman’s concept of stigma to analyze how students with Specific Learning Disabilities react or act within the classroom.

Elizabeth Kirby Fullerton and Caroline Guardino discuss an ethnographic study of teacher and student perceptions of a modified inclusive classroom. Involves some intervention etc.

Dr. Carl A Saltarelli investigates the relationship between early college credit and achievement in first time undergraduate students.