Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


This study investigates the nature of preservice secondary teachers’ perceptions of the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process enrolled in a two-year Bachelor of Education program in a university in Eastern Canada. Teachers’ perceptions have been a vital feature in the successful implementation of the IPP process, and inclusion in general. Therefore, it will be crucial for educational leaders and stakeholders to have a clear understanding of preservice teachers’ perceptions of the IPP process and the factors that affect those perceptions prior to entering the profession. Results suggested that secondary preservice teachers’ tended to hold generally positive perceptions of the IPP process. A majority of preservice teachers responded positively to statements regarding the feasibility and relevance of the IPP process and held moderately positive views regarding accountability to the child on the IPP and to the process. Findings indicted however, that a majority of preservice teachers reported feeling unprepared to participate in the IPP process. Recommendations for preservice teacher education are suggested.