Submissions from 2017

Ventilatory and Chemoreceptor Responses to Hypercapnia in Neonatal Rats Chronically Exposed to Moderate Hyperoxia, Ryan W. Bavis, Ke-yong Li, Kathryn J. DeAngelis, Ryan J. March, Josefine A. Wallace, Sarah Logan, and Robert W. Putnam


Survival and Growth of C57BL/6J Mice Lacking the BK Channel, Kcnma1: Lower Adult Body Weight Occurs Together with Higher Body Fat, Susan T. Halm, Michael A. Bottomley, Mohammed M. Almutairi, Mauricio Di Fulvio, and Dan R. Halm

Refining Forelimb Asymmetry Analysis: Correlation with Montoya Staircase Contralateral Function Post-stroke, Moner A. Ragas, Devipriyanka Nagarajan, and Adrian M. Corbett


Analysis of Proprioceptive Sensory Innervation of the Mouse Soleus: A Whole-Mount Muscle Approach, Martha Jean Sonner, Marie C. Walters, and David R. Ladle

Submissions from 2016

Mitogenic Activation and Proliferation of T Lymphocytes in TRPM7 Kinase-Dead Mutant Mice, Pavani Beesetty, Masayuki Matsushita, and J. Ashot Kozak

Physiologic Influences of Transepithelial K+ Secretion, Dan R. Halm


Synapse Formation in Monosynaptic Sensory–Motor Connections Is Regulated by Presynaptic Rho GTPase Cdc42, Fumiyasu Imai, David R. Ladle, Jennifer R. Leslie, Xin Duan, Tilat A. Rizvi, Georgianne M. Ciraolo, Yi Zheng, and Yutaka Yoshida

Anatomical and Functional Connections between the Locus Coeruleus and the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius in Neonatal Rats, Luana Tenorio Lopes, Luis Gustavo Alexandre Patrone, K. -Y. Li, Ann N. Imber, Cathy D. Graham, Luciane H. Gargaglioni, and Robert W. Putnam


Reduced Motor Neuron Excitability is an Important Contributor to Weakness in a Rat Model of Sepsis, Paul Nardelli, Jacob A. Vincent, Randall K. Powers, Timothy C. Cope, and Mark M. Rich

Appropriate Timing of Fluoxetine and Statin Administration Reduces the Risk of Secondary Hemorrhagic Infarct After Ischemic Stroke, Moner A. Ragas, Maria Helen Harley Balch, Danny Wright, Amber Lee Hensley, Kenny Reynolds, Bryce Kerr, and Adrian M. Corbett

Id2 Mediates Differentiation of Labyrinthine Placental Progenitor Cell Line, SM10, Kaisa Selesniemi, Renee E. Albers, and Thomas L. Brown

Role of Primary Afferents in the Developmental Regulation of Motor Axon Synapse Numbers on Renshaw Cells, Valerie C. Siembab, Laura Gomez-Perez, Travis M. Rotterman, Neil A. Shneider, and Francisco J. Alvarez

Microglial Acid Sensing Regulates Carbon Dioxide-Evoked Fear, Lauren Larke Vollmer, Sriparna Ghosal, Jennifer L. McGuire, Rebecca L. Ahlbrand, Ke-yong Li, Joseph Michael Santin, Christine A. Ratliff-Rang, Luis Gustavo Alexandre Patrone, Jennifer Rush, Ian P. Lewkowich, James P. Herman, Robert W. Putnam, and Renu Sah


Reversible Recruitment of a Homeostatic Reserve Pool of Synaptic Vesicles Underlies Rapid Homeostatic Plasticity of Quantal Content, Xueyong Wang, Martin J. Pinter, and Mark M. Rich

Submissions from 2015

Placental-Specific Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 alpha as a Model of Preeclampsia, Renee E. Albers, Melissa R. Kaufman, Chanel Keoni, Martha Hughes, Bryony Natale, David Natale, and Thomas L. Brown


Appropriate Timing of Fluoxetine and Statin Delivery Reduces the Risk of Secondary Bleeding in Ischemic Stroke Rats, Maria Helen Harley Balch, Moner A. Ragas, Danny Wright, Kenny Reynolds, Bryce Kerr, and Adrian M. Corbett

Distinct Muscle Apoptotic Pathways are Activated in Muscles with Different Fiber Types in a Rat Model of Critical Illness Myopathy, Benjamin T. Barnes, Amy L. Confides, Mark M. Rich, and Esther E. Dupont-Versteegden

Morphologically Detailed Motoneuron Models, Sherif M. Elbasiouny


Personality Profiles of Rural Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Students Who Choose Family Medicine, Diann S. Eley, Kathleen Dwyer Brooks, Therese M. Zink, and C. Robert Cloninger

Aldosterone and Beta-Adrenergic Activation of Colonic K+ Secretion Requires BK Channels (K(Ca)1.1), Susan T. Halm and Dan R. Halm

The Transformation of Synaptic to System Plasticity in Motor Output from the Sacral Cord of the Adult Mouse, Mingchen C. Jiang, Sherif M. Elbasiouny, William F. Collins III, and C. J. Heckman

The CamKKβ Inhibitor STO609 Causes Artefacts in Calcium Imaging and Selectively Inhibits BKCa in Mouse Carotid Body Type I Cells, Jennifer G. Jurcsisn, Richard L. Pye, Jon Ali, Barbara L. Barr, and Christopher N. Wyatt

Effects of Inactivation of TRPM7 Kinase Activity on its Channel Activity in Mice, Taku Kaitsuka, Chiaki Katagiri, Pavani Beesetty, Kenji Nakamura, Siham Hourani, Kazuhito Tomizawa, J. Ashot Kozak, and Masayuki Matsushita

Responses of Cortical Extrastriate Area 21a Neurons Specialized in Motion Detection, D. K. Khachvankian, H. R. Aslanian, Bella A. Harutiunian-Kozak, A. L. Ghazaryan, and J. Ashot Kozak

ED Patient Satisfaction: Factors Associated with Satisfaction with Care, Catherine A. Marco, Andy Davis, Sylvia L. Chang, Dennis Mann, and James E. Olson


Plastin 3 Expression Does Not Modify Spinal Muscular Atrophy Severity in the ∆7 SMA Mouse, Vicki L. McGovern, Aurelie Massoni-Laporte, Xueyong Wang, Thanh T. Le, Hao T. Le, Mark M. Rich, and Arthur H. M. Burghes

Acutely Administered Leptin Increases [Ca2+]i and BKCa Currents But Does Not Alter Chemosensory Behavior in Rat Carotid Body Type I Cells, Richard L. Pye, Eric J. Dunn, Ellen M. Ricker, Jennifer G. Jurcsisn, Barbara L. Barr, and Christopher N. Wyatt

Intranasal Naloxone Administration by Police First Responders is Associated with Decreased Opioid Overdose Deaths, Jessica Rando, Derek Broering, James E. Olson, Catherine Marco, and Stephen B. Evans

Selective mu and kappa Opioid Agonists Inhibit Voltage-Gated Ca2+ Entry in Isolated Neonatal Rat Carotid Body Type I Cells, Ellen M. Ricker, Richard L. Pye, Barbara L. Barr, and Christopher N. Wyatt

Complex Impairment of IA Muscle Proprioceptors following Traumatic or Neurotoxic Injury, Jacob A. Vincent, Paul Nardelli, Hanna M. Gabriel, Adam S. Deardorff, and Timothy C. Cope

Submissions from 2014


Complexity of Interferon-γ Interactions with HSV-1, Nancy J. Bigley


Swimming Against the Tide: Investigations of the C-Bouton Synapse, Adam S. Deardorff, Shannon H. Romer, Patrick M. Sonner, and Robert E. W. Fyffe


Adult Spinal Motoneurones are not Hyperexcitable in a Mouse Model of Inherited Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Nicolas Delestrée, Marin Manuel, Caroline Iglesias, Sherif M. Elbasiouny, C. J. Heckman, and Daniel Zytnicki


Development of Modified Cable Models to Simulate Accurate Neuronal Active Behaviors, Sherif M. Elbasiouny


A HCO3-Dependent Mechanism Involving Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase for the Activation of Ca2+ Currents in Locus Coeruleus Neurons, Ann Nicole Imber, Joseph Michael Santin, Cathy D. Graham, and Robert W. Putnam

Normobaric Hyperoxia (95% O2) Stimulates CO2-Sensitive and CO2-Insensitive Neurons in the Caudal Solitary Complex of Rat Medullary Tissue Slices Maintained in 40% O2, Michael P. Matott, G. E. Ciarlone, Robert W. Putnam, and J. B. Dean


Substance P Differentially Modulates Firing Rate of Solitary Complex (SC) Neurons from Control and Chronic Hypoxia-Adapted Adult Rats, Nicole L. Nichols, Frank L. Powell, Jay B. Dean, and Robert W. Putnam


Motor Axon Synapses on Renshaw Cells Contain Higher Levels of Aspartate than Glutamate, Dannette Shanon Richards, Ronald W. Griffith, Shannon H. Romer, and Francisco J. Alvarez

Submissions from 2013

Principles of Interneuron Development Learned from Renshaw Cells and the Motoneuron Recurrent Inhibitory Circuit, Francisco J. Alvarez, Ana Benito-Gonzalez, and Valerie C. Siembab


Mechanism of TRPM7 Channel Inhibition by 2-Aminoethyl Diphenyl Borinate (2-APB), Rikki Chokshi and J. Ashot Kozak

An Effective Delayed Treatment for Ischemic Stroke Uses Fluoxetine and Simvastatin, Adrian M. Corbett, Scott Sieber, Nicholas Wyatt, Jenna Lizzi, Tiffany Flannery, Bethany Sibbitt, and Saggar Sanghvi

Expression of Postsynaptic Ca2+-Activated K+ (SK) Channels at C-Bouton Synapses in Mammalian Lumbar α-Motoneurons, Adam S. Deardorff, Shannon H. Romer, Zhihui Deng, Katie L. Bullinger, and Paul Nardelli

Heparan Sulfate-Bound Dimeric IL-2: A Potential Mediator of Renal Ischemic Injury, Lauren A. Dixon, John D. Miller, Suzanne E. Clabaugh, Gino C. Liu, Mary F. Stuever, and Lucile E. Wrenshall


Rabbit Supraspinatus Motor Endplates Are Unaffected by a Rotator Cuff Tear, J. Christopher Gayton, L. Joseph Rubino, Mark M. Rich, Mark H. Stouffer, Qingbo Wang, and Gregory P. Boivin

Activation of Electrogenic K Secretion Requires BK Channels in Guinea Pig Distal Colon, Dan R. Halm, Jin Zhang, and Susan T. Halm

Benefits of Traditional Cadaveric Dissection in a Digital World: Medical and Dental Students’Perspectives, Barbara Kraszpulska, Debra Bomkamp, and Jennifer Brueckner-Collins


Computer-Based Dissection Manual (CBDM) – Cranium, Barbara Kraszpulska, Claire Christian, and Robert Gainor

Canonical Bcl-2 Motifs of the Na+/K+ Pump Revealed by the BH3 Mimetic Chelerythrine: Early Signal Transducers of Apoptosis?, Peter K. Lauf, Judith Heiny, Jarek Meller, Michael A. Lepera, Leonid Koikov, Gerald M. Alter, Thomas L. Brown, and Norma C. Adragna


Nf1 Loss and Ras Hyperactivation in Oligodendrocytes Induce NOS-Driven Defects in Myelin and Vasculature, Debra A. Mayes, Tilat A. Rizvi, Haley E. Titus-Mitchell, Rachel Oberst, Georgianne M. Ciraolo, Charles V. Vorhees, Andrew P. Robinson, Stephen D. Miller, Jose A. Cancelas, Anat O. Stemmer-Rachamimov, and Nancy Ratner

Transforming clinical imaging and 3D data for virtual reality learning objects: HTML5 and mobile devices implementation, Gary L. Nieder and Robert B. Trelease

Neurofibroma-Associated Macrophages Play Roles in Tumor Growth and Response to Pharmacological Inhibition, Carlos E. Prada, Edwin Jousma, Tilat A. Rizvi, Jianqiang Wu, R. Scott Dunn, Debra A. Mayes, Jose A. Cancelas, Eva Dombi, Mi-Ok Kim, Brian L. West, Gideon Bollag, and Nancy Ratner

Light-Triggered Modulation of Cellular Electrical Activity by Ruthenium Diimine Nanoswitches, Joyce G. Rohan, Rose Citron, Alec C. Durrell, Lionel E. Cheruzel, Harry B. Gray, Robert H. Grubbs, Mark Humayun, Kathrin L. Engisch, Victor Pikov, and Robert H. Chow

Temperature Influences Neuronal Activity and CO2/pH Sensitivity of Locus Coeruleus Neurons in the Bullfrog, Lithobates catesbeianus, Joseph Michael Santin, Kayla Christine Watters, Robert W. Putnam, and Lynn K. Hartzler

Silver Nanoparticles Inhibit Vaccinia virus Infection by Preventing Viral Entry Through a Macropinocytosis-Dependent Mechanism, John C. Trefry and Dawn P. Wooley

Alterations in the Motor Neuron-Renshaw Cell Circuit in the Sod1G93A Mouse Model, Hanna Wootz, Eileen FitzSimons-Kantamneni, Martin Larhammar, Travis M. Rotterman, Anders Enjin, Kalicharan Patra, Elodie André, Brigitte Van Zundert, Klas Kullander, and Francisco J. Alvarez

Submissions from 2012


Electronic Nose Based on Independent Component Analysis Combined with Partial Least Squares and Artificial Neural Networks for Wine Prediction, Teodoro Aguilera, Jesús Lozano, José A. Paredes, Francisco J. Alvarez, and José I. Suárez


Renshaw Cells and Ia Inhibitory Interneurons Are Generated at Different Times from P1 Progenitors and Differentiate Shortly After Exiting the Cell Cycle, Ana Benito-Gonzalez and Francisco J. Alvarez

Motor Terminal Degeneration Unaffected by Activity Changes in SOD1G93A Mice; A Possible Role for Glycolysis, Dario I. Carrasco, Edyta K. Bichler, Mark M. Rich, Xueyong Wang, Kevin L. Seburn, and Martin J. Pinter

Functional Significance of Isoform Diversification in the Protocadherin Gamma Gene Cluster, Weisheng V. Chen, Francisco J. Alvarez, Julie L. Lefebvre, Brad Friedman, Chiamaka Nwakeze, Eric Geiman, Courtney Smith, Chan Aye Thu, Juan Carlos Tapia, Bosiljka Tasic, Joshua R. Sanes, and Tom Maniatis


Taurine Release by Astrocytes Modulates Osmosensitive Glycine Receptor Tone and Excitability in the Adult Supraoptic Nucleus, Katrina Y. Choe, James E. Olson, and Charles W. Bourque

2-Aminoethyl Diphenyl Borinate (2-APB) Inhibits TRPM7 Channels Through an Intracellular Acidification Mechanism, Rikki Chokshi, Petronilla Fruasaha, and J. Ashot Kozak


Detailed Examination of Mg2+ and pH Sensitivity of Human TRPM7 Channels, Rikki Chokshi, Masayuki Matsushita, and J. Ashot Kozak

Sensitivity of TRPM7 Channels to Mg2+ Characterized in Cell-Free Patches of Jurkat T Lymphocytes, Rikki Chokshi, Masayuki Matsushita, and J. Ashot Kozak


A Method for Reliable Voluntary Oral Administration of a Fixed Dosage (mg/kg) of Chronic Daily Medication to Rats, Adrian M. Corbett, Audrey E. McGowin, Scott Sieber, Tiffany Flannery, and Bethany Sibbitt

The Apical NKCC1 Cotransporter Debate, Jeannine Marie Crum, Francisco J. Alvarez, and Francisco J. Alvarez-Leefmans


Electrophysiological Abnormalities in SOD1 Transgenic Models in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: The Commonalities and Differences, Sherif M. Elbasiouny, Katharina Quinlan, Tahra L. Eissa, and Charles J. Heckman

Ion Channel Regulation by the LKB1-AMPK Signalling Pathway: The Key to Carotid Body Activation by Hypoxia and Metabolic Homeostasis at the Whole Body Level, A. Mark Evans, D. Grahame Hardie, Chris Peers, Prem Kumar, and Christopher N. Wyatt


Ion Channel Regulation by the LKB1-AMPK Signalling Pathway: The Key to Carotid Body Activation by Hypoxia and Metabolic Homeostasis at the Whole Body Level, A. Mark Evans, Chris Peers, Christopher N. Wyatt, Prem Kumar, and D. Grahame Hardie

Magnesium Sulfate Treatment Decreases the Initial Brain Damage Alterations Produced After Perinatal Asphyxia in Fetal Lambs, Felipe Goñi-de-Cerio, Antonia Alvarez, Idoia Lara-Celador, Francisco J. Alvarez, Daniel Alonso-Alconada, and Enrique Hilario

The Role of Ca2+ and BK Channels in the Firing Rate Response of Locus Coeruleus (LC) Neurons to CO2: Controlling the Chemosensitive Gain, Ann N. Imber, Cathy D. Graham, and Robert W. Putnam


Postnatal Development and Activation of L-Type Ca2+ Currents in Locus Ceruleus Neurons: Implications for a Role for Ca2+ in Central Chemosensitivity, Ann N. Imber and Robert W. Putnam


Neurofibromatosis 2011: a Report of the Children's Tumor Foundation Annual Meeting, Michel Kalamarides, Maria T. Acosta, Dusica Babovic-Vuksanovic, Olli Carpen, Karen Cichowski, D. Gareth Evans, Filippo Giancotti, C. Oliver Hanemann, David Ingram, Alison C. Lloyd, Debra A. Mayes, Ludwine Messiaen, Helen Morrison, Kathryn North, Roger Packer, Duojia Pan, Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov, Meena Upadhyaya, David Viskochil, Margret R. Wallace, Kim Hunter-Schaedle, and Nancy Ratner


Spatial Infrastructure of Receptive Fields and Responses to Moving Stimuli of Visually Driven Neurons in the Cat Extrastriate Cortex, J. Ashot Kozak, D. K. Khachvankyan, A. L. Ghazaryan, A. B. Sharanbekyan, and Bella A. Harutiunian-Kozak

Beneficial Aspect of Cadaver Dissection – Medical Students Perspective, Barbara Kraszpulska


Computer-Based Dissection Manual (CBDM) of the Thorax, Barbara Kraszpulska, Kimberly Ritterhoff, and Robert Paul Gainor


Computer-Based Dissection Manual (CBDM) of the Upper Extremity, Barbara Kraszpulska, Kimberly Ritterhoff, and Robert Paul Gainor


Effect of Synthetic Aβ Peptide Oligomers and Fluorinated Solvents on Kv1.3 Channel Properties and Membrane Conductance, Maria I. Lioudyno, Matteo Broccio, Yuri Sokolov, Suhail Rasool, Jessica Wu, Michael T. Alkire, Virginia Liu, J. Ashot Kozak, Philip R. Dennison, Charles G. Glabe, Mathias Lösche, and James E. Hall

Anatomical and Functional Connections Between the Locus Coeruleus (LC) and the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract (NTS) in Neonatal Rats, Luana Tenorio Lopes, Luis Gustavo Alexandre Patrone, Ke-yong Li, Ann N. Imber, Cathy D. Graham, Luciane H. Gargaglioni, and Robert W. Putnam


NMDA Induces Persistent Inward and Outward Currents that Cause Rhythmic Bursting in Adult Rodent Motoneurons, Marin Manuel, Yaqing Li, Sherif M. Elbasiouny, Katie Murray, Anna Griener, Charles J. Heckman, and David J. Bennett

Molecular and Functional Expression of Cation-Chloride Cotransporters in Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons During Postnatal Maturation, Shihong Mao, Tomás Garzon-Muvdi, Mauricio Di Fulvio, Yanfang Chen, Eric Delpire, Francisco J. Alvarez, and Francisco J. Alvarez-Leefmans

SMN May Have Multiple Functions Necessitating Widespread Restoration for Maximal Therapeutic Benefit in SMA, Tara L. Martinez, Lingling Kong, James P. Van Meerbeke, Rebecca Gibbs, Crystal Davis, Heather L. Plaster, Chien Ping Ko, James R. Rusche, Cathleen M. Lutz, Mark M. Rich, and Charlotte J. Sumner


Survival Motor Neuron Protein in Motor Neurons Determines Synaptic Integrity in Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Tara L. Martinez, Lingling Kong, Xueyong Wang, Melissa A. Osborne, Melissa E. Crowder, James P. Van Meerbeke, Xixi Yu, Crystal Davis, Joe Wooley, David J. Goldhamer, Cathleen M. Lutz, Mark M. Rich, and Charlotte J. Sumner


Antioxidant Rescue of Nf1/Ras-Induced Myelin and Vasculature Dysfunction, Debra A. Mayes, Tilat A. Rizvi, Shyra J. Miller, Rachel Oberst, Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov, and Nancy Ratner


Interleukin-2 is Present in Human Blood Vessels and Released in Biologically Active Form by Heparanase, John D. Miller, Suzanne E. Clabaugh, Deandra R. Smith, R. Brian Stevens, and Lucile E. Wrenshall

An Eight Year Study of Online Lecture Use in a Medical Gross Anatomy and Embryology Course, Gary L. Nieder and Nicole J. Borges


Predictive Value of TBL Individual Readiness Assurance Tests on Subsequent Exam Performance, Gary L. Nieder and Nicole J. Borges

A Farmer’s Confession Regarding the Sharecropper’s Daughter, James E. Olson and Jonathan I. Singer

Gap Junction Blockade in the Locus Coeruleus (LC) Decreases the Hypercapnic Ventilatory Response, Luis Gustavo Alexandre Patrone, Kenia C. Bicego, Lynn K. Hartzler, Robert W. Putnam, and Luciane H. Gargaglioni

Mitochondrial Content of Carotid Body Type I Cells Decreases During the Maturation of the Hypoxic Response, Julia Elizabeth Paulet, Huong-Thao Tran, Heidi L. Jordan, Richard Pye, David R. Ladle, and Christopher N. Wyatt


Video Review Improves Competency Performance Skills on Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), John C. Pearson, Gary L. Nieder, and S. Bruce Binder


Contribution of Intrinsic Properties and Synaptic Inputs to Motoneuron Discharge Patterns: A Simulation Study, Randall K. Powers, Sherif M. Elbasiouny, W. Zev Rymer, and C. J. Heckman

Frequency-Dependent Amplification of Stretch-Evoked Excitatory Input in Spinal Motoneurons, Randall K. Powers, Paul Nardelli, and Timothy C. Cope

Probing Risk Factors and Causes of Weakness in Critically Ill Patients, Mark M. Rich


Acute Hypoxia Does Not Influence Intracellular pH in Isolated Rat Carotid Body Type I Cells, Ryan L. Shapiro, Barbara L. Barr, Robert W. Putnam, and Christopher N. Wyatt

To Triage, To Triage, Jonathan I. Singer and James E. Olson

Single-Dose rATG Induction at Renal Transplantation: Superior Renal Function and Glucoregulation with Less Hypomagnesemia, R. Brian Stevens, James T. Lane, Brian P. Boerner, Clifford D. Miles, Theodore H. Rigley, John P. Sandoz, Kathleen J. Nielsen, Jill Y. Skorupa, Anna J. Skorupa, Bruce Kaplan, and Lucile E. Wrenshall


Knockdown of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 Catalytic Subunits, Larissa Tangeman, Christopher N. Wyatt, and Thomas L. Brown


Loss of Renal Allografts Secondary to Candida Vascular Complications in Two Recipients from the Same Donor, Govardhana R. Yannam, Lucile E. Wrenshall, and R. Brian Stevens

Role of the BK Channel (KCa1.1) During Activation of Electrogenic K+ Secretion in Guinea Pig Distal Colon, Jin Zhang, Susan T. Halm, and Dan R. Halm

Submissions from 2011

Permanent Central Synaptic Disconnection of Proprioceptors After Nerve Injury and Regeneration. I. Loss of VGLUT1/IA Synapses on Motoneurons, Francisco J. Alvarez, Haley E. Titus-Mitchell, Katie L. Bullinger, Michal Kraszpulski, Paul Nardelli, and Timothy C. Cope