Submissions from 2010

Three Port Robotic Hysterectomy Using Harmonic Scapel, L. J. Holland, Michael L. Galloway, and David N. Dhanraj

Submissions from 2009

Ruptured Appendicitis with Appendiceal Abcess in Twin Pregnancy Managed by Percutaneous CT Guided Drainage. Case Report and Literature Review, Sheela M. Barhan, Melanie Glover, C. Kovac, K. McClusky, David McKenna, and Gary Ventolini

Incidence of Complications in Twin-twin Transfusion Syndrome after Selective Fetoscopic Laser Photocoagulation: A Single-center Experience, Mounira Habli, Annette Bombrys, David Lewis, Foong-Yen Lim, William Polzin, Rose Maxwell, and Timothy Crombleholme

Indications for Delivery and Short-term Neonatal Outcomes in Late Preterm as Compared with Term Births, Jeffrey M. Lubow, Helen Y. How, Mounira Habli, Rose Maxwell, and Baha M. Sibai

Vulvodynia, A Step-wise Therapeutic Prospective Cohort Study, Gary Ventolini, Sheela M. Barhan, and J. Duke

C-Reactive Protein and Fetal Fibronectin for the Prediction of Labor Initiation in Twin Gestations with Short Cervical Length, Gary Ventolini, Sheela M. Barhan, J. Duke, M. Bidwell, Michael L. Galloway, D. Dhanraj, and Ran Neiger

Submissions from 2008

Chronic Pelvic Pain Caused by Bilateral Perforation of Fallopian Tubes after Essure Procedure: A Case Report and Literature Review, Sheela M. Barhan, T. Genrich, A. Schissel, J. Duke, and Gary Ventolini

Unusual Hysteroscopy Findings Causing Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Mark C. Bidwell, David N. Dhanraj, Michael L. Galloway, Lawrence Amesse, and Gary Ventolini

Effects of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome on In Vitro Fertilization-embryo Transfer Outcomes are Influenced by Body Mass Index, Betsy A. McCormick, Michael Thomas, Rose Maxwell, Daniel Williams, and Mira Aubuchon


Vulvodynia, Gary Ventolini and Sheela M. Barhan

The Impact of Maternal Body Mass on the Effectiveness of 17 alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate, Gary Ventolini, Janice Duke, William Po, Sheela M. Barhan, Debbie Rhea, Cheryl Desch, Niki Istwan, and Gary Stanziano

Submissions from 2007

Does Peripartum Infection Increase the Incidence of Cerebral Palsy in Extremely Low Birthweight Infants?, Maged M. Constantine, Helen Y. How, Kristin Coppage, Rose Maxwell, and Baha Sibai


Intramuscular Route of Progesterone Administration Increases Pregnancy Rates During Non-downregulated Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycles, Ghassan Haddad, Docile A. Saguan, Rose Maxwell, and Michael A. Thomas

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, William Hurd, Geoffrey Towers, and Gary Ventolini

Submissions from 2006

Perinatal Outcome Associated with Isolated Single Umbilical Artery: A Case Control Study, Annette Bombrys, Ran Neiger, Sarah Hawkins, Jiri D. Sonek, Christopher Croom, David McKenna, Gary Ventolini, Mounira Habli, Helen Y. How, Rose Maxwell, and Baha Sibai

Tocolysis in Women with Preterm Labor between 32 0/7 and 34 6/7 Weeks of Gestation: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study, Helen Y. How, Lela Zafaranchi, Caroline Stella, Katherine Recht, Rose Maxwell, Baha M. Sibai, and Joseph Spinnato II

Submissions from 2005

Decreased Anal Sphincter Lacerations Associated with Restrictive Episiotomy Use, Jeffrey L. Clemons, Geoffrey D. Towers, George B. McClure, and Amy L. O'Boyle

A Comparison of Three Downregulation Approaches for Poor Responders Undergoing in Vitro Fertilization, Laura Detti, Daniel B. Williams, Jared C. Robins, Rose Maxwell, and Michael A. Thomas

Magnesium sulfate (MGS04) tocolysis Versus no Tocolysis in Women with Preterm Labor between 32 0/7 and 34 6/7 Weeks of Gestation: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Helen How, Lela Zafaranchi, Caroline Stella, Katherine Recht, Rose Maxwell, Baha Sibai, and Joseph Spinnato II

Submissions from 2004

The Pathophysiology of Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Geoffrey D. Towers

Office Assessment of Postmenopausal Bleeding, Gary Ventolini, Sheela M. Barhan, and S. Guy

Submissions from 2003

Selecting the Appropriate Technique for Vaginal Hysterectomy, Gary D. Davis, Amy L. O'Boyle, Geoffrey D. Towers, Stephen D. Seymour, and Scott Russell

The Effects of Magnification on Distance Estimation during Robotic Suturing, Daniel D. Gruber, Jason C. Massengill, Shannon V. Lamb, Heather M. Barbier, Christopher J. Rosemeyer, Ernest G. Lockrow, and Jerome L. Buller

Pretreatment Total Testosterone Level Predicts Pathological Stage in Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer Treated With Radical Prostatectomy, Jason C. Massengill, Leon Sun, Judd W. Moul, Hongyu Wu, David G. McLeod, Christopher Amling, Raymond Lance, John Foley, Wade Sexton, Leo Kusuda, Andrew Chung, Douglas Soderdahl, and Timothy Donahue

Submissions from 2002

Independent Alcohol and Tobacco Effects on Stress Axis Function, Robert M. Anthenelli and Rose Maxwell

Guidelines for the Selection of the Route of Hysterectomy: Application in a Resident Clinic Population, S. Robert Kovac, Sheela M. Barhan, Margit Lister, Lori Tucker, Mardi Bishop, and Adrija Das

Intra- and Inter-individual Relationships between Central and Peripheral Serotonergic Activity in Humans:: A Serial Cerebrospinal Fluid Sampling Study, J. R. Strawn, N. N. Ekhator, Robert M. Anthenelli, D. G. Baker, Rose Maxwell, K. K. Hill, and T. D. Geracioti

Submissions from 2001

Stress Hormone Dysregulation at Rest and After Serotonergic Stimulation Among Alcohol‐Dependent Men With Extended Abstinence and Controls, Robert M. Anthenelli, Rose Maxwell, Thomas D. Geracioti Jr., and Richard Hauger

Obstetrician-Gynecologist as Primary Care Provider, William W. Hurd, Sheela M. Barhan, and Robert E. Rogers

Submissions from 2000

Cigarette Smoking Decreases the Prolactin Response to Serotonergic Stimulation in Subgroups of Alcoholics and Controls, Robert M. Anthenelli and Rose Maxwell

Instrumental Delivery of the Fetal Head at the Time of Elective Repeat Cesarean: A Randomized Pilot Study, James A. Bofill, Shaun G. Lencki, Sheela M. Barhan, and Leonard Ezenagu

Use of Health Services by Men With and Without Antisocial Personality Disorder Who Are Alcohol Dependent, Megan G. Murray, Robert M. Anthenelli, and Rose Maxwell

Submissions from 1997

Vulvar Problems in Elderly Women: Don't Assume That Menopause Is the Culprit, Sheela M. Barhan and Leonard Ezenagu

Conservative Treatment of a Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation: A Case Report and Literature Review, Cynthia Palmeri, Leonard Ezenagu, Monica Norwick, Sheela M. Barhan, and S. Robert Kovac

Is Size Discordancy an Indication for Delivery of Preterm Twins?, G. Theodore Talbot, Ricki F. Goldstein, Theresa Nesbitt, Jeffery L. Johnson, and Helen H. Kay

Submissions from 1996

Maternal Role Behavior and Adnrogyny: A Comparison of Divorced and Married Mothers, Rose Maxwell, David C. Lundgren, and Leonard M. Lansky

Submissions from 1993

Stroke in Children Within a Major Metropolitan Area: The Surprising Importance of Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Joseph Broderick, G. Theodore Talbot, Erin Prenger, Alan Leach, and Thomas Brott