Head of Special Collections and Archives: Jane Wildermuth

Special Collections and Archives (SC&A) collects, preserves, and makes available primary sources on the history of aviation, local and regional history, and the history of Wright State University. Outreach programs include exhibits, presentations, tours, conferences, class orientations, and online access to collections. SC&A is home to the largest Wright Brothers Collection in the world, the Dayton Daily News Archive, and hundreds of other collections documenting the history of aviation worldwide, and the people, events, and landscape of the city of Dayton and the Miami Valley. SC&A is also a learning laboratory for WSU's Public History Graduate Program.


Browse the Special Collections and Archives Collections:

1913 Flood Survivors Oral Histories (MS-296)

322nd Field Artillery Reunion Association Collection (MS-100)

50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

91st Observation Squadron Photographs (MS-293)

Aircraft Database

Andrew S. Iddings Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration Collection (MS-192)

Bernard Lindenbaum Vertical Flight Research Collection (MS-364)

Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, Dayton Refugee Oral Histories (SC-349)

Charles F. Horn Papers (MS-629)

Charles Lewis French Aviation Postcards (MS-204)

Charles Wald Collection (MS-355)

Civil Aviation Medical Association Records (MS-526)

Civil War Collections

Cold War Aerospace Technology Oral Histories (MS-431)

Coombs-Learned Family Papers (MS-182)

Dayton Daily News Archive (MS-458)

Dayton Family Photograph Album (SC-217)

Dayton Liederkranz-Turner Collection (MS-480)

Dayton Music History Project Records (MS-607)

Dayton Telephone Pole Line Photographs (MS-70)

Dayton-Wright Airplane Company Photographs (MS-152)

Edward A. Korn Collection (MS-220)

Emancipation Index - Greene, Logan, Miami, and Montgomery County

Emmanuel Ringelblum Collection of Oral History Memoirs of the Holocaust (MS-215)

Explorer Post 72 Records (MS-639)

Following in the Footsteps of the Wright Brothers: Their Sites and Stories

Fred F. Marshall Papers (MS-53)

Harvard-Boston Aero Meet Collection (MS-338)

Howard DuFour Collection (MS-286)

In the Archives Video Series

Ivonette Wright Miller Papers (MS-216)

James F. Overholser Papers (MS-5)

Katharine Kennedy Brown Papers (MS-146)

Lest We Forget (MS-396)

Local and Rare Books

Local Government Records

Local History Ephemera Collection (MS-383)

Margaret Smell Diary (SC-85)

Martha McClellan Brown Papers (MS-147)

McCarthy Family Photo Album (SC-63)

National Military Home of Dayton

Naturalization Index of Miami Valley Counties

Occupy Dayton Oral History Project (MS-499)

Oscar D. Ladley Papers (MS-138)

Patterson Family Papers (MS-236)

Paul Laurence Dunbar Books

Paul Laurence Dunbar Papers (SC-8)

Prints for Purchase

Prohibition Materials

Raoul Lufbery Collection (MS-502)

Records of Dayton Together (MS-603)

Ruth Herr Papers (MS-91)

Sgt. Jay H. Crawford World War I Diary (SC-225)

Suffrage Materials

Temperance Committee of 100 Records, 1901-1911 (SC-3)

The Miami Valley School (MS-358)

Wallace Family Papers (MS-92)

Walter Matthews Jefferies Aviation Photographs (MS-344)

War Camp Community Service Song Sheet (SC-174)

Wilbur F. H. Bigelow, Sr., Dayton-Wright Company Collection (SC-347)

William F. Yeager Collection (MS-223)

World War I Collections

World War I Glass Plate Stereoviews (MS-457)

World War I Letter (SC-30)

Wright Brothers Collection (MS-1)

Wright Brothers Newspapers

Wright Company Glass Plate Negative Collection (MS-398)

Wright Company Patent Litigation

Wright State University Student Oral Histories, 2017 (SC-325)