Submissions from 2018


Regulation of the Sperm‐to‐oocyte Transition in Caenorhabditis briggsae Hermaphrodites by the Cbr ‐met‐2 and Cbr‐fem‐3 Genes, Aaron L. Berenson and Scott Everet Baird


Evolutionary History of Plant Hosts and Fungal Symbionts Predicts the Strength of Mycorrhizal Mutualism, Jason D. Hoeksema, James D. Beaver, Sounak Chakraborty, V. Bala Chaudhary, Monique Gardes, Catherine A. Gehring, Miranda M. Hart, Elizabeth Ann Housworth, Wittaya Kaonongbua, John N. Klironomos, Marc J. Lajeunesse, James Meadow, Brook G. Milligan, Bridget J. Piculell, Anne Pringle, Megan A. Rúa, James Umbanhowar, Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Yen-Wen Wang, Gail W.T. Wilson, and Peter C. Zee

Tree Species with Limited Geographical Ranges Show Extreme Responses to Ectomycorrhizas, Justine Karst, Cole Burns, Jonathan A. Cale, Pedro M. Antunes, Michaela Woods, Louis J. Lamit, Jason Hoeksema, Cartherine Zabinski, Catherine Gehring, Marc La Flèche, and Megan A. Rúa


Regulation of RANKL-Induced Osteoclastogenesis by RING FingerProtein RNF114, Boren Lin, Qi Ke, Douglas W. Leaman, Vijay Goel, and Anand Agarwal


Lakeshore Modification Reduces Secondary Production of Macroinvertebrates In Littoral But Not Deeper Zones, Marlene Pätzig, Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, and Mario Brauns

Do Grazers Respond to or Control Food Quality Cross Scale Analysis Of Algivorous Fish In Littoral Lake Tanganyika, Munubi Nanziga Renalda, Peter B. McIntyre, and Yvonne Vadeboncoeur


A Closer Look at the Items within Three Measures of Evolution Acceptance: Analysis of the MATE, I-SEA, and GAENE as a Single Corpus of Items, William L. Romine, Amber Todd, and Emily M. Walter

Early Hospital Mortality Prediction Using Vital Signals, Reza Sadeghi, Tanvi Banerjee, and William L. Romine

The Influence of Learners Perceptions of Virtual Humans on Learning Transfer, Noah L. Schroeder, Fan Yang, Tanvi Banerjee, William L. Romine, and Scotty D. Craig

Effects of Cortisol and Lipopolysaccharide on Expression of Select Growth-, Stress- and Immune-Related Genes in Rainbow Trout Liver, Brian S. Shepherd, Allyn R. Spear, Anju M. Philip, Douglas W. Leaman, Carol A. Stepien, Osvaldo J. Sepulveda-Villet, Debra E. Palmquist, and Mathilakath M. Vijayan


The Learning Loss Effect in Genetics: What Ideas Do Students Retain or Lose after Instruction?, Amber Todd and William L. Romine

Submissions from 2017

A Decline in Benthic Algal Production may Explain Recent Hypoxic Events in Lake Erie's Central Basin, Soren Brothers, Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, and Paul Sibley


First Definitive Fossil of an Oestroid Fly (Diptera: Calyptratae: Oestroidea) and the Dating of Oestroid Divergences, Pierfilippo Cerretti, John O. Stireman III, Thomas Pape, James E. O'Hara, Marco A. Marinho, Knut Rognes, and David A. Grimaldi

Feeding and Development of Emerald Ash Borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) on Cultivated Olive, Olea europaea, Don Cipollini, Chad Michael Rigsby, and Donnie Lee Peterson

A Molecular Genetics Learning Progression Web: Using Model Search to Target Hub Ideas, Josefina Correa-Menendez, Amber Todd, and William L. Romine

Immunogenicity Modulation of VHSV-IVb upon Natural Changes in the Great Lakes and by Matrix Protein Mutation, Bartolomeo Gorgoglione, Megan D. Niner, Wade Weaver, Vikram N. Vakharia, Carol A. Stepien, and Douglas W. Leaman


Modeling Virus Coinfection to Inform Management of Maize Lethal Necrosis in Kenya, Frank H. Hilker, Linda S. J. Allen, Vrushali A. Bokil, Cheryl J. Briggs, Zhilan Feng, Karen A. Garrett, Louis J. Gross, Frédéric M. Hamelin, Michael J. Jeger, Carrie A. Manore, Alison G. Power, Margaret G. Redinbaugh, Megan A. Rúa, and Nik J. Cunniffee

Stable Isotopes Reveal Nitrogen Loading to Lake Tanganyika from Remote Shoreline Villages, Brianne Kelly, Emmanuel Mtiti, Peter B. McIntyre, and Yvonne Vadeboncoeur


Role of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus Matrix (M) Protein in Suppressing Host Transcription, Qi Ke, Wade Weaver, Adam Pore, Bartolomeo Gorgoglione, Julia H. Wildschutte, Peng Xiao, Brian S. Shepherd, Allyn Spear, Krishnamurthy Malathi, Carol A. Stepien, Vikram N. Vakharia, and Douglas W. Leaman


Depressed Synaptic Transmission and Reduced Vesicle Release Sites in Huntington's Disease Neuromuscular Junctions, Ahmad Khedraki, Eric J. Reed, Shannon H. Romer, Qingbo Wang, William L. Romine, Mark M. Rich, Robert J. Talmadge, and Andrew A. Voss

Negative Regulation of the RLH Signaling by the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase RNF114, Boren Lin, Qi Ke, Haiying Li, Nichole S. Pheifer, David C. Velliquette, and Douglas W. Leaman


Animals and their Epibiota as Net Autotrophs: Size Scaling of Epibiotic Metabolism on Snail Shells, Nicole Lukens, Benjamin Kraemer, Vanessa Constant, Ellen J. Hamann, Ellinor Michel, Anne M. Socci, Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, and Peter B. McIntyre


What do College Undergraduates Know about Zika and What Precautions Are They Willing to Take to Prevent its Spread?, Michele E. Miller, William L. Romine, and Megan A. Rúa


Identification of Antigenic Sarcoptes scabiei Proteins for use in a Diagnostic Test and of Non-antigenic Proteins that may be Immunomodulatory, Majorie S. Morgan, S. Dean Rider, and Larry G. Arlian

Genetic Changes in Vhsv-Ivb Across Time in the Great Lakes and Pathogenicity Modifications, Megan D. Niner, Bartolomeo Gorgoglione, Douglas W. Leaman, and Carol A. Stepien


Tachinid Fly (Diptera: Tachinidae) Parasitoids of Danaus plexippus (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), Karen Oberhauser, Dane Elmquist, Juan Manuel Perilla-Lopez, Ilse Gebhard, Laura Lukens, and John O. Stireman III

Teaching Osmosis to Biology Students, Arthur L. Odom, Lloyd H. Barrow, and William L. Romine

Distribution, predictors, and impacts of emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis)(Coleoptera: Buprestidae) infestation of white fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus), Donnie Lee Peterson and Don Cipollini


Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 Augments Myoblast Adhesion and Fusion Through Homophilic Trans-Interactions, Francis X. Pizza, Ryan A. Martin, Evan M. Springer, Maxwell S. Leffler, Bryce R. Woelmer, Issac J. Recker, and Douglas W. Leaman

Modelling the Root Age Structure of Perennial Woody Plants, Tyler Poppenwimer, Louis Gross, Joseph Bailey, and Megan A. Rúa


Allergen Homologs in the Euroglyphus maynei Draft Genome, S. Dean Rider, Majorie S. Morgan, and Larry G. Arlian

Variation in the Volatile Profiles of Black and Manchurian Ash in Relation to Emerald Ash Borer Oviposition Preferences, Chad M. Rigsby, Nathaniel B. McCartney, Daniel A. Herms, James H. Tumlinson, and Don Cipollini

Conceptualizing Student Affect for Science and Technology at the Middle School Level: Development and Implementation of a Measure of Affect in Science and Technology (MAST), William L. Romine, Troy D. Sadler, and Eric P. Wulff

Valuing Evidence over Authority: The Impact of a Short Course for Middle-Level Students Exploring the Evidence for Evolution, William L. Romine and Amber Todd

Understanding Patterns of Evolution Acceptance—a New Implementation of the Measure of Acceptance of the Theory of Evolution (MATE) with Midwestern University Students, William L. Romine, Emily M. Walter, Ephraim Bosse, and Amber Todd

Annotated Girardia dorotocephala MA-C2 Transcriptome Sequences, Labib Rouhana

BLAST2GO Homolog, E-value, and GO Annotation for Girardia dorotocephala MA-C2 Transcriptome Assembly, Labib Rouhana

De novo Alignment of Girardia dorotocephala MA-C2 Transcriptome, Labib Rouhana and Eugene M. P. Almazan

De novo Alignment of Girardia dorotocephala Transcriptome, Labib Rouhana and Eugene M. P. Almazan

Disturbance History and Environmental Characteristics Shape the Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Community of Two Varieties of Pinus clausa, Megan A. Rúa

Accounting for Local Adaptation in Ectomycorrhizas: A Call to Track Geographical Origin of Plants, Fungi, and Soils in Experiments, Megan A. Rúa, Louis J. Lamit, Catherine Gehring, Pedro M. Antunes, Jason D. Hoeksema, Cathy Zabinski, Justine Karst, Cole Burns, and Michaela J. Woods


A New Tachinid Genus and Species Record for North America: Iceliopsis Borgmeieri Guimarães, John O. Stireman III and Jane E. Dell

Specialized Generalists? Food Web Structure of a Tropical Tachinid-Caterpillar Community, John O. Stireman III, Lee A. Dyer, and Harold F. Greeney

Development and Validation of the Learning Progression–Based Assessment of Modern Genetics in a High School Context, Amber Todd, William L. Romine, and Katahdin Abigail Cook Whitt

Modeling the Transition from a Phenotypic to Genotypic Conceptualization of Genetics in a University-Level Introductory Biology Context, Amber Todd, William L. Romine, and Josefina Correa-Menendez

The Learning Loss Effect in Genetics: What Ideas Do Students Retain or Lose After Instruction?, Amber Todd, William L. Romine, and Michele Miller


Insights into The Ecology, Genetics and Distribution of Lucanus Elaphus Fabricius (Coleoptera: Lucanidae), North America's Giant Stag Beetle, Michael D. Ulyshen, Louis G. Zachos, John O. Stireman III, Thomas N. Sheehan, and Ryan C. Garrick


Attached Algae: The Cryptic Base of Inverted Trophic Pyramids in Freshwaters, Yvonne Vadeboncoeur

Assessing Pathogenicity And Innate Immune Modulatory Activity Of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus Upon Matrix Protein Mutation, Wade G. Weaver, Bartolomeo Gorgoglione, Qi Ke, Vikram N. Vakharia, and Douglas W. Leaman

Submissions from 2016

Benthic Algae Compensate for Phytoplankton Losses in Large Aquatic Ecosystems, Soren Brothers, Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, and Paul Sibley

A Phylogenetic Framework for the Tachinid Fly Tribe Blondeliini (Diptera: Tachinidae: Exoristinae), Z. L. Burington and John O. Stireman III


MycoDB, a Global Database of Plant Response to Mycorrhizal Fungi, V. Bala Chaudhary, Megan A. Rúa, Anita Antoninka, James D. Bever, Jeffery Cannon, Ashley Craig, Jessica Duchicela, Alicia Frame, Catherine Gehring, Michelle Ha, Miranda Hart, Jacob Hopkins, Baoming Ji, Nancy C. Johnson, Wittaya Kaonongbua, Justine Karst, Roger T. Koide, Louis J. Lamit, James Meadow, Brook Milligan, John C. Moore, Thomas H. Pendergast IV, Bridget J. Piculell, Blake Ramsby, Suzanne Simard, Shubha Shrestha, James Umbanhowar, Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Lawrence Walters, Gail W. T. Wilson, Peter C. Zee, and Jason D. Hoeksema


A Review of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) as an Allelopathic Plant, Don Cipollini and Kendra Cipollini

An Aza-Anthrapyrazole Negatively Regulates Th1 Activity and Suppresses Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis, Matthew P. Clark, Douglas W. Leaman, Lori A. Hazelhurst, Eun S. Hwang, and Anthony Quinn


Evidence for Use of Alliaria petiolata in North America by the European Cabbage White Butterfly, Pieris rapae, Sam L. Davis and Don Cipollini

Range, genetic diversity, and future of the threatened butterfly, Pieris virginiensis, Sam L. Davis and Don Cipollini

Littoral-benthic Primary Production Estimates: Sensitivity to Simplifications with Respect to Periphyton Productivity and Basin Morphometry, Shawn P. Devlin, M. J. Vander Zanden, and Yvonne Vadeboncoeur

Elevated Specific Conductance Enhances Productivity and Biomass of Periphytic Cyanobacteria from Lake Tahoe and Lake Tanganyika, Samuel A. Drerup and Yvonne Vadeboncoeur

Determinants of Host Use in Tachinid Parasitoids of Stink Bugs, Matthew W. Duncan

Redefining the generic limits of Winthemia (Diptera : Tachinidae), Diego J. Inclán

Minimizing and Leveraging Bias in Forensic Science, Roger Koppl and Dan E. Krane

Becoming Pure: Identifying Generational Classes of Admixed Individuals within Lesser and Greater Scaup Populations, Philip Lavretsky, Jeffrey L. Peters, Kevin Winker, Volker Bahn, Irina Kulikova, Yuri N. Zhuravlev, Robert E. Wilson, Chris Barger, Kirsty Gurney, and Kevin G. McCracken


XIAP-associated Factor 1 (XAF1) Regulates TNF Receptor 1 Complex Stability, Boren Lin, Da Xu, and Douglas W. Leaman

Effects of defoliation and site quality on growth and defenses of Pinus pinaster and P. radiata, María J. Lombardero, Matthew P. Ayres, Pierluigi Bonello, Don Cipollini, and Daniel A. Herms

Does Knowledge and Situational Interest Support Personal Interest: A Health Education Study, Michele Miller, William L. Romine, Amber Todd, and Bill Folk

Biogeography of Afrotropical Tachinidae (Diptera), James E. O'Hara, Pierfilippo Cerretti, and John O. Stireman III


Tachinidae of the Red River Gorge area of eastern Kentucky, James E. O'Hara and John O. Stireman III

Glucosinolate Diversity within a Phylogenetic Framework of the tribe Cardamineae (Brassicaceae) unraveled with HPLC-MS/MS and NMR-based Analytical Distinction of 70 desulfoglucosinolates, Carl Erik Olsen, Xiao-Chen Huang, Cecilie I.C. Hansen, Don Cipollini, Marian Ørgaard, Annemarie Matthes, Marcus A. Koch, and Niels Agerbirk

Higher Activities of Defense-Associated Enzymes may Contribute to Greater Resistance of Manchurian Ash to Emerald Ash Borer Than A closely Related and Susceptible Congener, Chad Michael Rigsby, Daniel A. Herms, Pierluigi Bonello, and Don Cipollini


What Motivates High School Students to Take Precautions against the Spread of Influenza? A Data Science Approach to Latent Modeling of Compliance with Preventative Practice, William L. Romine, Tanvi Banerjee, William R. Folk, and Lloyd H. Barrow

Validation of the Learning Progression-based Assessment of Modern Genetics in a College Context, William L. Romine and Amber Todd

How Do Undergraduate Students Conceptualize Acid–Base Chemistry? Measurement of a Concept Progression, William L. Romine, Amber Todd, and Travis B. Clark

Assessing, Operationalizing, Profiling Evolution Acceptance in College Students, William L. Romine, Emily M. Walter, and Amber Todd


Epigenetics and Shared Molecular Processes in the Regeneration of Complex Structures, Labib Rouhana and Junichi Tasaki


Exploring the Relative Importance of Biotic and Abiotic Sources of Selection for Pine-fungal Interactions, Megan A. Rúa


Home-Field Advantage? Evidence of Local Adaptation among Plants, Soil, and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi through Meta-Analysis, Megan A. Rúa, Anita Antoninka, Pedro M. Antunes, V. Bala Chaudhary, Catherine Gehring, Louis J. Lamit, Bridget J. Piculell, James D. Bever, Cathy Zabinski, James F. Meadow, Marc J. Lajeunesse, Brook G. Milligan, Justine Karst, and Jason D. Hoeksema


Associations between Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Bacterial Needle Endophytes in Pinus radiata: Implications for Biotic Selection of Microbial Communities, Megan A. Rúa, Emily C. Wilson, Sarah Steele, Arielle R. Munters, Jason D. Hoeksema, and Anna C. Frank

Inheritance of a Nuclear PIWI from Pluripotent Stem Cells by Somatic Descendants Ensures Differentiation by Silencing Transposons in Planarian, Norito Shibata, Makoto Kashima, Taisuke Ishiko, Osamu Nishimura, Labib Rouhana, Kazuyo Misaki, Shigenobu Yonemura, Kuniaki Saito, Haruhiko Siomi, Mikiko C. Siomi, and Kiyokazu Agata


Germline Defects Caused by Smed-boule RNA-Interference Reveal That Egg Capsule Deposition Occurs Independently of Fertilization, Ovulation, Mating, or the Presence of Gametes in Planarian Flatworms, Jessica Kathryne Steiner, Junichi Tasaki, and Labib Rouhana

Community Ecology of The ‘Other’ Parasitoids, John O. Stireman III

Phylogeny and Diversification of World Tachinidae (Diptera), John O. Stireman III, John Kevin Moulton, Pierfilippo Cerretti, James E. O'Hara, Isaac S. Winkler, and Jeremy D. Blaschke


Tachinid collecting in temperate South America. Expeditions of the Phylogeny of World Tachinide Project. Part III. Chile, John O. Stireman III, James E. O'Hara, Pierfilippo Cerretti, and Diego J. Inclán

Analysis of Stem Cell Motility In Vivo Based on Immunodetection of Planarian Neoblasts and Tracing of BrdU-Labeled Cells After Partial Irradiation, Junichi Tasaki, Chihiro Uchiyama-Tasaki, and Labib Rouhana

The History of Attack and Success of Emerald Ash Borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) on White Fringetree in Southwestern Ohio, Danielle Thiemann, Vanessa Lopez, Ann M. Ray, and Don Cipollini

Development and Validation of the Learning Progression-based Assessment of Molecular Genetics (LPA-MG), Amber Todd and William L. Romine

Empirical Validation of a Modern Genetics Progression Web for College Biology Students, Amber Todd and William L. Romine

Progress and Gaps in Understanding Mechanisms of Ash Tree Resistance to Emerald Ash Borer, a Model for Wood-boring Insects that Kill Angiosperms, Caterina Villari, Daniel A. Herms, Justin G.A. Whitehill, Don Cipollini, and Pierluigi Bonello

Submissions from 2015

Soil Biota Affect mycorrhizal Infection and Growth of Impatiens capensis and Alter the Effects of Lonicera maackii rhizosphere Extracts, Jonathan Ali, Deah Lieurance, and Don Cipollini


The Potential for a Blood Test for Scabies, Larry G. Arlian, Hermann Feldmeier, and Majorie S. Morgan


Evaluating a Potential Commercial Tool for Healthcare Application for People with Dementia, Tanvi Banerjee, Pramod Anantharam, William L. Romine, and Larry Wayne Lawhorne

Two Tribes Hidden in one Genus: The Case of Agaedioxenis Villeneuve (Diptera: Tachinidae: Exoristinae), Pierfilippo Cerretti, James E. O'Hara, Isaac S. Winkler, Giuseppe Lo Giudice, and John O. Stireman III

Causes, Extent, and Consequences of an Apparent Host Range Expansion of Emerald Ash Borer in North America, Don Cipollini


Emerald Ash Borer’s Latest Victim, White Fringetree, Don Cipollini


Surprise! Emerald Ash Borers have an Appetite for White Fringetree Too!, Don Cipollini


White Fringe Tree and EAB Update, Don Cipollini


White Fringetree as a Novel Larval Host for Emerald Ash Borer, Don Cipollini

Incidence of Infestation and Larval Success of Emerald Ash Borer ( Agrilus planipennis ) on White Fringetree ( Chionanthus virginicus ), Chinese Fringetree ( Chionanthus retusus ), and Devilwood ( Osmanthus americanus ), Don Cipollini and Chad Michael Rigsby

A Computational Model of Temperature-Dependent Intracellular pH Regulation, Susana Contreras, Maria Quintero, Robert W. Putnam, Joseph Michael Santin, and Juan Cordovez

How Does Garlic Mustard Lure and Kill the West Virginia White Butterfly?, Samantha L. Davis, Tina Frisch, Nanna Bjarnholt, and Don Cipollini


The Heritability of Shell Morphometrics in the Freshwater Pulmonate Gastropod Physa, Robert T. Dillon Jr. and Stephen J. Jacquemin