Submissions from 2015

High-Security Chaotic Cognitive Radio System with Subcarrier Shifting, Huaiyin Lu, Lin Zhang, Ming Jiang, and Zhiqiang Wu

Bit Error Rate Analysis of Chaotic Cognitive Radio System over Slow Fading Channels, Lin Zhang, Huaiyin Lu, Zhiqiang Wu, and Ming Jiang

Submissions from 2012


Excessive Grain Boundary Conductivity of Spin-Spray Deposited Ferrite/Non-Magnetic Multilayer, Yun Xing, J. Myers, Ogheneyunume Obi, Nian X. Sun, and Yan Zhuang

Submissions from 2009


Signal Classification in Fading Channels Using Cyclic Spectral Analysis, Eric Like, Vasu D. Chakravarthy, Paul Ratazzi, and Zhiqiang Wu

Submissions from 1997


Least-Squares Approximate Solution of Overdetermined Sylvester Equations, A. Scottedward Hodel and Pradeep Misra

Submissions from 1994


Computation of Stable Invariant Subspaces of Hamiltonian Matrices, R. V. Patel, Z. Lin, and Pradeep Misra

Submissions from 1992


Finite-Dimensional Approximations of Unstable Infinite-Dimensional Systems, G. Gu, P. P. Khargonekar, E. B. Lee, and Pradeep Misra