Submissions from 2023


The Impact of Study Strategies on Knowledge Growth and Summative Exam Performance in the First Year of Medical School, Markia Black, William L. Romine, Molly Simonis, Jeffrey L. Peters, Volker Bahn, and Amber Todd

Using Rasch Measurement To Visualize How Clerkship and Extracurricular Experiences Impact Preparedness for Residency in an Undergraduate Medical Program, William L. Romine and Amber Todd

Submissions from 2022


Metamotivation in Medical Students: Explaining Motivation Regulation Strategies in Medical Students, Ali Norouzi, Maryam Alizadeh, Dean Parmelee, Saharnaz Nedjat, Saiideh Norouzi, and Mohammad Shariati


Motivational Components Involved in the Metamotivational Monitoring in Medical Students, Ali Norouzi, Dean Parmelee, Mohammad Shariati, Saiideh Norouzi, and Maryam Alizadeh

How Do High School Students’ Genetics Progression Networks Change Due to Genetics Instruction and How Do They Stabilize Years After Instruction?, Amber Todd, William L. Romine, Reza Sadeghi, Kate Cook Whitt, and Tanvi Banerjee

Submissions from 2021


If Gharib Hall Could Talk, Maryam Alizadeh, Dean Parmelee, and Saeedreza Mehrpour

Child Sleep and Parent Depressive Symptoms, Rachael A. Herriman, Adrienne Stolfi, and John M. Pascoe

The Development and Validation of Metamotivational Strategies in Medical Students Questionnaire, Ali Norouzi, Dean Parmelee, Mohammad Shariati, Saiideh Norouzi, Saharnaz Nedjat, and Maryam Alizadeh


Parents' Report of Their Children's Underinsurance Status After the Affordable Care Act, John M. Pascoe, Adrienne Stolfi, Gregory Eberhart, and Harry Khamis

Medical Education Should Say Goodbye to Lectures, Brenda J. B. Roman, Colleen Hayden, and Dean Parmelee

AERMOD Modeling of Ambient Manganese for Residents Living Near a Ferromanganese Refinery in Marietta, OH, USA, Adrienne Stolfi, Florence Fulk, Tiina Reponen, Timothy J. Hilbert, David Brown, and Erin N. Haynes

Submissions from 2020

Patient Portal, Patient-Generated Images, and Medical Decision-Making in a Pediatric Ambulatory Setting, Karolin Ginting, Adrienne Stolfi, Jordan Wright, and Abiodun Omoloja

Use of Individualized Learning Plans to Facilitate Feedback Among Medical Students, Michelle E. Kiger, Caylin Riley, Adrienne Stolfi, Stephanie Morrison, Ann Burke, and Tai Lockspeiser

Predicting Second-Generation Antidepressant Effectiveness in Treating Sadness Using Demographic and Clinical Information: A Machine Learning Approach, Amanda Lin, Adrienne Stolfi, Tracy Eicher, and Sabrina Neeley

Drug Treatments for Managing Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes, Gary M. Onady and Adrienne Stolfi


Masterclass: How to Build a Lecture-Free Curriculum, Dean Parmelee, Brenda J. B. Roman, and Maryam Alizadeh

The Lecture-Free Curriculum: Setting the Stage for Life-Long Learning: AMEE Guide No. 135, Dean Parmelee, Brenda J. Roman, Irina Overman, and Maryam Alizadeh


12 TIPS for Implementing Peer Instruction in Medical Education, Dean Parmelee, Mary Jo Trout, Irina Overman, and Michael P. Matott


Professional Formation: Extending Medicine's Lineage of Service Into the Next Century, MIchael Rabow, Rachel Remen, Dean Parmelee, and Thomas S. Inui

Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, Brenda Roman, Colleen Hayden, and Irina Overman

Submissions from 2019


Preparing Learners for Learning in the Engaged Learning Classroom, Maryam Alizadeh, Dean Parmelee, Irina Overman, and Mohamad AlJasem

A Longitudinal Assessment of Professional Identity, Wellness, Imposter Phenomenon, and Calling to Medicine Among Medical Students, Valerie E. Houseknecht, Brenda J. Roman, Adrienne Stolfi, and Nicole J. Borges


Professional Development for Clerkship Administrators: A 16-Year Overview of the Clerkship Administrator Certificate Program, Donnita Pelser, Cathy Chavez, Lindsey Allison, Virginia Cleppe, and Gary L Beck Dallaghan

Submissions from 2018

Leadership Identity Development Through Reflection and Feedback in Team-Based Learning Medical Student Teams, Maryam Alizadeh, Azim Mirzazadeh, Dean Parmelee, Elizabeth J. Peyton, Neda Mehrdad, Leila Janani, and Hooman Shahsavari

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health: a Survey of Attitudes, Knowledge, Preparedness, Campus Climate, and Student Recommendations for Change in Four Midwestern Medical Schools, Gary L. Beck Dallaghan, Jim Medder, Jeffrey Zabinski, Sabrina M. Neeley, Brenda J. Roman, Jeffrey L. Emrich, Nicole J. Borges, and Dawn Bragg

Physician Advance Care Planning Experiences and Beliefs by General Specialty Status and Sex, Marjorie A. Bowman, Kaitlyn Steffensmeier, Marisa Smith, and Adrienne Stolfi

A Potential Collaboration Between the Future Australian Space Agency and Australian Medical Schools, James Kurrle, Kellie Britt, Peter Bright, Rowena Christiansen, Adrienne Stolfi, Christopher Wright, Jed Hughes, Zheng Jie Lim, Suebsakul Pripanapong, Supisara Sara Suk-Udom, Susie Hwang, Marta Teslyuk, Thomas O'Donnell, Sumudu Perera, Jaffly Chen, Vienna Tran, Toby Zerner, Nishath Khan, Albert Kartawardana, Georgia Henshaw, Alana Tetley, Courtney Tiller, Benjamin Crawford, Bransen Noel-Gough, Blake Lindsay, Hasti Gouldooz, Beatrice Nguyen, Alice Leung, Stephen Bacchi, and Jaclyn Edelson

High-Stakes Collaborative Testing: Why Not?, Ruth E. Levine, Nicole J. Borges, Brenda J. Roman, Lisa R. Carchedi, Mark H. Townsend, Jeffrey S. Cluver, Julia Frank, Oma Morey, Paul Haidet, and Britta M. Thompson


A Closer Look at the Items Within Three Measures of Evolution Acceptance: Analysis of the Mate, I-Sea, and Gaene as a Single Corpus of Items, William L. Romine, Amber Todd, and Emily M. Walter


The Learning Loss Effect in Genetics: What Ideas Do Students Retain or Lose after Instruction?, Amber Todd and William L. Romine

Submissions from 2017

Pilot Certification, Age of Pilot, and Drug Use in Fatal Civil Aviation Accidents, Issaka Y. Akparibo and Adrienne Stolfi

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System and Odds of a Fatal Accident in Cirrus Aircraft Crashes, Mustafa Alaziz, Adrienne Stolfi, and Dean M. Olson

Uncover It, Students Would Learn Leadership From Team-Based Learning (TBL): The Effect of Guided Reflection and Feedback, Maryam Alizadeh, Azim Mirzazadeh, Dean Parmelee, Elizabeth J. Peyton, Leila Janani, Gholamreza Hassanzadeh, and Saharnaz Nedjat

Teaching Students to Say "I Don't Know": Potential Methods and Implications, Kevin Bree and Brenda J. Roman

Risk Factors for Cervical Pain in F-15C Pilots, Eric M. Chumbley, Adrienne Stolfi, and James C. McEachen

A Molecular Genetics Learning Progression Web: Using Model Search to Target Hub Ideas, Josefina Correa-Menendez, Amber Todd, and William L. Romine

The Influence of Gender on the Medical Student Evaluation of High-Risk Behaviors in an Adolescent Patient, Nicole Craker, S. Bruce Binder, Adrienne Stolfi, Brenda J. Roman, and Nicole Borges

The Changing Landscape of Recruitment in Psychiatry, Bethany L. Harper and Brenda J. Roman

The Effectiveness of Engaged Learning: 8 Years of TBL in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry Clerkships, Brenda J. Roman, Colleen Hayden, and Dean Parmelee

Valuing Evidence over Authority: The Impact of a Short Course for Middle-Level Students Exploring the Evidence for Evolution, William L. Romine and Amber Todd

Understanding Patterns of Evolution Acceptance—a New Implementation of the Measure of Acceptance of the Theory of Evolution (MATE) with Midwestern University Students, William L. Romine, Emily M. Walter, Ephraim Bosse, and Amber Todd

Development and Validation of the Learning Progression–Based Assessment of Modern Genetics in a High School Context, Amber Todd, William L. Romine, and Katahdin Abigail Cook Whitt

Modeling the Transition from a Phenotypic to Genotypic Conceptualization of Genetics in a University-Level Introductory Biology Context, Amber Todd, William L. Romine, and Josefina Correa-Menendez

The Learning Loss Effect in Genetics: What Ideas Do Students Retain or Lose After Instruction?, Amber Todd, William L. Romine, and Michele Miller


Mood Disorders: Evidence-Based Integrated Biopsychosocial Treatment of Bipolar Disorder, Randon Welton and Brenda J. Roman

Peer Instruction: an Analysis of Quality Improvement at Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM), Larrilyn Yelton, Alban Holyoke, Mary Jo Trout, Adrienne Stolfi, and Brenda J. Roman

Submissions from 2016

Stinging Insect Identification: Are the Allergy Specialists Any Better than Their Patients?, Troy W. Baker, Joseph P. Forester, Monica L. Johnson, Jeremy M. Sikora, Adrienne Stolfi, and Mark C. Stahl

Associations Between Parental Health Literacy, Use of Asthma Management Plans, and Child's Asthma Control, Erin L. Brigham, Larry Goldenberg, Adrienne Stolfi, Gary A. Mueller, and Shalini G. Forbis

Home Cervical Traction to Reduce Neck Pain in Fighter Pilots, Eric M. Chumbley, Nicole O'Hair, Adrienne Stolfi, Christopher Lienesch, James C. McEachen, and Bruce A. Wright

Creating a Common Curriculum for the DSM-5: Lessons in Collaboration, Ruth E. Levine, P. Adam Kelly, Lisa Carchedi, Dawnelle Schatte, Brenda Talley, Lindsey Pershern, Kathleen Trello-Rishel, Dwight Wolf, Allison R. Ownby, Paul Haidet, Brenda J. Roman, Kenan Penaskovic, and Peggy Hsieh

Does Knowledge and Situational Interest Support Personal Interest: A Health Education Study, Michele Miller, William L. Romine, Amber Todd, and Bill Folk

Insulin and Oral Agents for Managing Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes, Gary M. Onady and Adrienne Stolfi

The ADMSEP Milestones Project, Brenda J. Roman, Dawnelle Schatte, Julia Frank, Thomas Brouette, Michael Brand, Brenda Talley, Dilip Ramchandani, Catherine Lewis, Mary Blazek, David Carlson, and Mary Kay Smith

Validation of the Learning Progression-based Assessment of Modern Genetics in a College Context, William L. Romine and Amber Todd

How Do Undergraduate Students Conceptualize Acid–Base Chemistry? Measurement of a Concept Progression, William L. Romine, Amber Todd, and Travis B. Clark

Assessing, Operationalizing, Profiling Evolution Acceptance in College Students, William L. Romine, Emily M. Walter, and Amber Todd

How Do Siamese Cats Get Their Color, Amber Todd and Lisa Kenyon

Development and Validation of the Learning Progression-based Assessment of Molecular Genetics (LPA-MG), Amber Todd and William L. Romine

Empirical Validation of a Modern Genetics Progression Web for College Biology Students, Amber Todd and William L. Romine

Submissions from 2015

Team Emotional Intelligence, Team Interactions, and Gender in Medical Students During a Psychiatry Clerkship, Nicole J. Borges, Britta M. Thompson, Brenda J. Roman, Mark H. Townsend, Lisa R. Carchedi, Jeff S. Cluver, Julia B. Frank, Paul M. Haidet, and Ruth E. Levine


Urine Toxicology Screen in Multiple Sleep Latency Test: The Correlation of Positive Tetrahydrocannabinol, Drug Negative Patients, and Narcolepsy, Samuel Dzodzomenyo, Adrienne Stolfi, Deborah Splaingard, Elizabeth Earley, Oluwole Onadeko, and Mark Splaingard


The Effect of Positive and Negative Reinforcement on Sixth Graders’ Mental Math Performance, Tess Greene and Amber Todd

Medical Student Education in Psychiatry: Opportunities and Challenges, Brenda J. Roman


Mood Disorders Team-Based Learning Exercise, Brenda J. Roman, Lisa Anacker, and Dean Parmelee


How Does a Siamese Cat Get its Color?, William L. Romine and Amber Todd


Practical Assessment of the NGSS and Ohio Standards in Time-Constrained Classroom Settings, William L. Romine and Amber Todd


Tossing the Coin for Halflife, William L. Romine and Amber Todd


Does Music Directly Affect a Person’s Heart Rate?, David Sills and Amber Todd

Team Cohesiveness, Team Size and Team Performance in Team-Based Learning Teams, Britta M. Thompson, Paul Haidet, Nicole J. Borges, Lisa R. Carchedi, Brenda J. Roman, Mark H. Townsend, Agata P. Butler, David B. Swanson, Michael P. Anderson, and Ruth E. Levine

Empirical Refinements of a Molecular Genetics Learning Progression: The Molecular Constructs, Amber Todd and Lisa Kenyon

Measuring Knowledge of Acids and Bases as Continuous and Categorical Constructs toward Understanding Concept Progression, Amber Todd and William L. Romine

Well-Being in First Year Medical Students, Gina Zanardelli, Wonjin Sim, Nicole Borges, and Brenda J. Roman

Submissions from 2014

The HIT Study: Hymenoptera Identification Test - How Accurate are People at Identifying Stinging Insects?, Troy W. Baker, Joseph P. Forester, Monica L. Johnson, Adrienne Stolfi, and Mark C. Stahl

Changes in Personality and Learning Styles for First Year Medical Students, Nicole J. Borges and Dean Parmelee

The Demographics of the United States Haemophilia Treatment Centre Social Workers: The Results of a National Survey, M. K. Geary, L. McGeady, L. Dunn, L. Pennick, M. Johnson, and Adrienne Stolfi

Alliance for Clinical Education Perspective Paper: Recommendations for Redesigning the “Final Year” of Medical School, Shalini T. Reddy, Jason Chao, Jonathan L. Carter, Robert Drucker, Nadine T. Katz, Robert Nesbit, Brenda J. Roman, Joshua Wallenstein, and Gary L. Beck

Medical Student Psychiatric Educators' Perceptions of Supports, Resources, and Rewards, Brenda J. Roman, Gregory Briscoe, and Tamara Gay


The Culture of Gun Violence: An Active Learning Exercise, Brenda J. Roman and Sabrina M. Neeley


Middle Years and Elder Years Team-based Learning Exercise, Brenda J. Roman, Sabrina M. Neeley, Dean Parmelee, and Lindsey Allison

Submissions from 2013


Teaching Clinical Pharmacology Using Team-Based Learning: A Comparison Between Third- and Fourth-Year Medical Students, Imad Bou Akl, Fatima Chaddar, Ramzi Sabra, Dean Parmelee, Joseph Simaan, Zeina Kanafani, and Nathalie Zgheib


First-Year Medical Student Objective Structured Clinical Exam Performance and Specialty Choice, Katherine A. Backes, Nicole J. Borges, S Bruce Binder, and Brenda J. Roman

Childhood Eye Examination, Amanda L. Bell and Mary Elizabeth Rodes


Teenage Pregnancy: Team-Based Learning Exercise, Sabrina M. Neeley, Brenda J. Roman, and Dean Parmelee

Insulin and Oral Agents for Managing Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes, Gary M. Onady and Adrienne Stolfi

Psychiatry’s Duty: Shifting Attitudes toward the Mentally Ill among Pre-clinical and Clinical Students, Brenda J. Roman, Julie Popritkin, Nicole Borges, and Pavan Somusetty

Population Pharmacokinetics of Methylphenidate in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Richard I. Shader, Jerold S. Harmatz, Jessica R. Oesterheld, Dean Parmelee, Floyd R. Sallee, and David J. Greenblatt


Using Learning Progressions to Map High School Student Understandings of Molecular Genetics, Amber Todd and Lisa Kenyon


The Molecular Genetics Learning Progressions: Revisions and Refinements Based on Empirical Testing in Three 10th Grade Classrooms, Amber Nicole Todd

Submissions from 2012

Predictors of Failure in Infants with Viral Bronchiolitis Treated with High-Flow, High-Humidity Nasal Cannula Therapy, Patricia A. Abboud, Patrick J. Roth, Cheryl L. Skiles, Adrienne Stolfi, and Mark E. Rowin

Perspective: Guidelines for Reporting Team-Based Learning Activities in the Medical and Health Sciences Education Literature, Paul Haidet, Ruth E. Levine, Dean Parmelee, Sheila Crow, Frances Kennedy, Adam Kelley, Linda Perkowski, Larry Michaelsen, and Boyd Richards


Does Participation in Team-Based Learning Affect Medical Students’ Longer-Term Learning?, Paul Koles, Adrian M. Corbett, Khalid M. Elased, Adrienne Stolfi, Nicole J. Borges, and Dean Parmelee

Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Motor Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy, Daniel J. Lacey, Adrienne Stolfi, and Louis E. Pilati


Alterations in the Gut Microbiome of Children with Severe Ulcerative Colitis, Sonia Michail, Matthew Durbin, Dan Turner, Anne M. Griffiths, David R. Mack, Jeffrey Hyams, Neal Leleiko, Harshavardhan Kenche, Adrienne Stolfi, and Eytan Wine

Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine: Medical Student and Physician Attitudes Toward Homeless Persons, Ann Morrison, Brenda J. Roman, and Nicole Borges

Team-Based Learning, Dean Parmelee

Team-Based Learning: A Relevant Strategy in Health Professionals’ Education, Dean Parmelee and Patricia Hudes

'A Lion in the House' Module for Health Care Education: Pediatric End-of-Life Case Studies, Julia Reichert, Dean Parmelee, Steve Bognar, Karen Durgans, and Melissa Godoy

Submissions from 2011

The TEN Study: Time Epinephrine Needs to Reach Muscle, Troy W. Baker, Christopher M. Webber, Adrienne Stolfi, and Erika Gonzalez-Reyes

Why YPEL3 Represents a Novel Tumor Suppressor, Steven J. Berberich, Amber Todd, and Rebecca Tuttle

The REPEAT Study: Recognizing and Evaluating Periodic Local Reactions in Allergen Immunotherapy and Associated Systemic Reactions, Christopher W. Calabria, Adrienne Stolfi, and Michael S. Tankersley