Submissions from 2002

No More ‘Token Professionals!’: Making Curriculum Design the Center of Theory-Based Courses, David Seitz

Rhetoric in Action: An Ethnographic Approach to Rhetoric, David Seitz

Rhetoric in Action: An Ethnographic View, David Seitz

Towards a Pedagogy of Counterculture/Countering Culture: Globalization and the Case of Asian American Literature, Alpana Sharma

Submissions from 2001

Intervention, Erin Flanagan


Review of Christina Adam’s Any Small Thing Can Save You, Erin Flanagan

Ethnography in Undergraduate Writing Courses: Issues in Theory and Pedagogy, Nancy Mack

Found Materials, Nancy Mack

Romantic Generations: Essays in Honor of Robert F. Gleckner, Ghislaine McDayter, Guinn Batten, and Barry Milligan

‘To Gorge Upon a Sister’: Byron, Wordsworth, Castlereagh, and Tyrannical Assimilation, Barry Milligan

English 780: Teaching Research Writing, David Seitz

Ethnography in Undergraduate Writing Courses: Year 2, David Seitz

Body Matters: The Politics of Provocation in Mira Nair's Films, Alpana Sharma

Submissions from 2000


Kitchen Cooks, Plate Twirlers, and Troubadours: Writing Program Administrators Tell Their Stories (Review), Richard Bullock


The Writing Program Administrator as Researcher: Inquiry in Action and Reflection (Review), Richard Bullock

Intervention, Erin Flanagan

The Story of Gladys, Erin Flanagan

Selling Academic Success to the Working Class Student: Argumentative Writing Is a Failure, Nancy Mack

Teachers at the Write Site, Nancy Mack

The Research Process: A Complete Guide and Reference for Writers, Martin Maner


Alien Nation: Nineteenth-Century Gothic Fictions and English Nationality by Cannon Schmitt (Review), Barry Milligan

The 'Stately Pleasure-Dome' vs. 'The Dream of Pain and Disease': Coleridge's Body and the Romantic Imagination, Barry Milligan

Ethnography in Undergraduate Writing Courses: Issues in Theory and Pedagogy, David Seitz

Who Should Be Building the Theory? Why I favor Inductive Theory Work in Teaching Critical Writing, David Seitz

Between Ethnographic and Virtual Worlds: A Pedagogy for Dismantling the Dichotomy, David Seitz and Julie Lindquist

Loss and Recuperation of Immigrant Identity (review), Alpana Sharma

'Sharp Contrasts of All Colours': The Legacy of Toru Dutt, Alpana Sharma

The Roles of Campus Based Women's Centers, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 1999


"His Kipling Period": Bakhtinian Reflections on Annotation, Heteroglossia and Terrorism in the Pynchon Trade, Carol Loranger


Ragged Dick in the Nineties: An Active Learning Student Project, Carol Loranger


Response to Steven Weisenburger's Response, Carol Loranger

"This Book Spill Off the Page in All Directions": What Is the Text of Naked Lunch?, Carol Loranger

Collaborating on ‘The Banks of the Wabash’: A Brief History of an Interdisciplinary Debate, Some New Evidence, and a Reflexive Consideration of Turf and Ownership, Carol Loranger and Dennis Loranger

The Death and Rebirth of Improvisation, Martin Maner

Why Nobody Jammed After Beethoven: The Death and Rebirth of Improvisation, Martin Maner

Location is Everything: Teaching Ethnography from Downtown to Downhome, David Seitz

The New Kid on the Block Jumps In: Being a Participant-Observer in Writing Program Reform, David Seitz

Submissions from 1998

Is it Just the Accent? Undergraduates' Perceptions of International Teaching Assistants, Deborah J. Crusan

"Character and Success": Teaching Sister Carrie in the Context of an On-going American Debate, Carol Loranger

The Write Site Electronic Graduate Course: An Ethnographic Research Report, Nancy Mack


Cognitive and Affective Learning in the Basic Course: Effects of Delivery Format, Immediacy, and Communication Apprehension, Susan J. Messman, Jennifer Jones-Corley, David Mezzacappa, and Deborah J. Crusan


Keeping Honest: Working Class Students, Difference, and Rethinking the Critical Agenda in Composition, David Seitz

Rethinking Critiques of Students’ ‘Instrumental Literacy’: Ethnographic Responses from Working Class and Minority Students, David Seitz

Situating Cultural Studies' Critiques of Students' "Instrumentalism": Ethnographic Responses from Working Class and Minority Students, David Seitz

Submissions from 1997

Teacher’s Guide, Nancy Mack

Writing for Professional Publications, Martin Maner

Conviction and Persuasion: Religious Working Class Students and Our Faith in Critical Pedagogy, David Seitz

Submissions from 1996


Research Writing: Proofread for Mechanical Errors, Martin Maner

The Spiral Guide to Research Writing, Martin Maner

Keeping Honest: How Ethnography In and Out of the Classroom Can Inform Critical Theory in Our Graduate Programs, David Seitz

Out of the Field and Into the Classroom: Ethnographic Approaches to Teaching the Research Paper Course, David Seitz

New Immigrant Literatures in the United States: A Sourcebook to Our Multicultural Literary Heritage, Alpana Sharma

Submissions from 1995

The Tapestry Grammar: A Reference for Learners of English (review), Deborah Alviani


Writing for Change: When Motive Matters, Nancy Mack

Pleasures and Pains: Opium and the Orient in Nineteenth-Century British Culture, Barry Milligan

Critical Pedagogy and the Guilty White Boy Blues, David Seitz

Social Positioning in the Classroom, David Seitz

Submissions from 1994

Psychobiography of an Eighteenth-Century Biographer, Martin Maner

Opium Smoking and the Oriental Infection of British Identity, Barry Milligan

Collaborative Projects for Preparing Graduate Student Teachers' Portfolios, David Seitz

Humorous Performances, Spiritual Interpretations: Cultural Resistance in African-American Women's Dream Narratives, David Seitz

What Oral Performances Can Tell Us about Literacy Education: A Study of African American Women's Dream Narratives, David Seitz

Submissions from 1993

Introduction to the History of Jazz, Martin Maner

Jazz and Elegy, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1992

Whole Language Support Groups: A Grassroots Movement, Nancy Mack and Ella Moore

Remedial Critical Consciousness?, Nancy Mack and James Thomas Zebroski


Max and Biography, Martin Maner


Prose in the Age of Poets: Romanticism and Biographical Narrative from Johnson to De Quincey by Annette Wheeler Cafarelli (Review), Martin Maner


Samuel Johnson and Biographical Thinking by Catherine N. Parke (Review), Martin Maner

'The Plague Spreading and Attacking Our Vitals’: Opium Smoking and the Oriental Infection of the British Domestic Scene, Barry Milligan

Ethnographic Writing for Critical Consciousness, James Thomas Zebroski and Nancy Mack

Submissions from 1991

Sitting in an Uncomfortable Position, Nancy Mack

Transforming Composition: A Question of Privilege, Nancy Mack and James Thomas Zebroski

Beerbohm's Seven Men and the Power of the Press, Martin Maner

Psychobiography of an Eighteenth-Century Biographer, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1989


Different Words: Response to James Paul Gee, C. Mark Hurlbert, Nancy Mack, and James Thomas Zebroski


The Social Nature of Words: Voices, Dialogues, Quarrels, Nancy Mack

Johnson's Redaction of Hawkesworth's Swift, Martin Maner


Samuel Johnson, Scepticism, and Biography, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1988

Grammar: Site of Class Conflict, Nancy Mack

Grammar: Site of Class Struggle, Nancy Mack

Johnson, Probability, and Biography, Martin Maner

The Philosophical Biographer: Doubt and Dialectic in Johnson's Lives of the Poets, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1987

The Probable and the Marvelous in Johnson's Life of Milton, Martin Maner


A Dialogue on Composition: A Composition on Dialogue, James Thomas Zebroski and Nancy Mack

Submissions from 1985

Getting a Handle on the Handbook, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1984


'The Last of the Learned Printers': John Nichols and the Bowyer-Nichols Press, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1983

Samuel Johnson's Lives: Its "Nice Doubtfulness", Martin Maner

Submissions from 1982

A Biographer's Doubts: Johnson and the Lives of the Poets, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1981

Visually-Based Planning, Nancy Mack

Submissions from 1980


Pope, Byron, and the Satiric Persona, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1978

The Language of the Arts in Seventeenth-Century Poetry, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1976

An Eighteenth-Century Editor at Work: John Nichols and Jonathan Swift, Martin Maner

Submissions from 1975

Satire and Sympathy in Johnson's Life of Savage, Martin Maner