Submissions from 2011

A Place for Dialogue Among Home and Academic Voices: Multigenre Writing, Nancy Mack

Writing Multiple Genres: Connecting Local and Academic Knowledge, Nancy Mack


The Poet as Botanist by M. M. Mahood (Review), Barry Milligan

Mocking Discourse in Rhetoric: Parody and Pedagogy, David Seitz

Writing Place-Based Genres: Community Bonds, Local History, and Global Influences, David Seitz


Closet Feminists: Women at University Branch Campuses, Christine R. Wilson and Hope Jennings

Shifting, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2010

Assessment in the Second Language Writing Classroom, Deborah J. Crusan

Assess Thyself Lest Others Assess Thee, Deborah J. Crusan

Machine Scoring of Student Essays: Truth and Consequences (review), Deborah J. Crusan

The Baptism of Soil: Rooplall Monar and the Aesthetics of the Kala Pani Modern, Shona N. Jackson


"A Repeating World": Redeeming the Past and Future in the Utopian Dystopia of Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods, Hope Jennings


The Comic Apocalypse of The Year of the Flood, Hope Jennings


The Ethics of Nostalgia in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things, Hope Jennings


The Prologue (To Everything that Came Before), Hope Jennings


A Thought, Nancy Mack


My Kind of People, Nancy Mack

Questions I Have Been Asked, Nancy Mack

Teaching Grammar with Poetry Patterns: Reading, Writing, and Reflecting, Nancy Mack


Using Poetry to Teach Grammar, Nancy Mack

Vygotsky, Self-Regulation, and the Work of Emotion, Nancy Mack

Submissions from 2009


Creole Aesthetics and Indigenous Identity in the Caribbean, Shona N. Jackson

The Economy of Babel or "Can I Buy a Vowel?", Shona N. Jackson

American Hungers: The Problem of Poverty in U.S. Literature, 1840-1945, Carol Loranger

Prospects for the Study of American Literature, Carol Loranger

Multigenre Writing: A New Wave of Hybrid, Cross-Genre, and Multimodal Assignments, Nancy Mack


Representations of the Field in Graduate Courses: Using Parody to Question All Positions, Nancy Mack


Skunk, Nancy Mack

The Imposter Phenomenon as Academic Identity Conflict: A Pedagogy of Welcome for Working Class Students, Nancy Mack


CCCC Statement of Second Language Writing and Writers, S. Miller-Cochran, C. Hooper-Ortmeier, M. Cox, A. Dadak, K. E. DePew, Deborah J. Crusan, H. Hoang, J. Jordan, P. K. Matsudu, J. Moore, G. Scott, and S. Simpson

Writing Genre Parodies to Better Understand Rhetoric, David Seitz

Submissions from 2008


The "I" of Possibility: A Theory of Creole Indigeneity in the Caribbean, Shona N. Jackson

Book Review: Re-Visiting Angela Carter: Texts, Contexts, Intertexts, Hope Jennings


Dystopian Matriarchies: Deconstructing the Womb in Angela Carter's Heroes and Villains and The Passion of New Eve, Hope Jennings

Fable, Hope Jennings

The Elements of Literacy, Julie Lindquist and David Seitz

American Naturalism and the Jews: Garland, Norris, Dreiser, Wharton, and Cather, Carol Loranger

Don’t Let Grammar Make You Grumpy: Brain Friendly Language Strategies, Nancy Mack

Energy and Enthusiasm: Don’t Start the School Year without Them, Nancy Mack

Teaching Grammar with Perfect Poems for Middle School: Engaging Lessons with Model Poems That Motivate Kids to Learn Grammar and Write Well, Nancy Mack


"What Should I Write?" Helping Students Respond to Prompts, Nancy Mack

Women in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction and Transatlantic Politics, Martin Maner

The Making of Addiction: The “Use and Abuse” of Opium in Nineteenth-Century Britain by Louise Foxcroft (Review), Barry Milligan

Paradise Lost in Mission Kashmir: Global Terrorism, Local Insurgencies, and the Question of Kashmir in Indian Cinema, Alpana Sharma

New Pathways toward Understanding Self-in-Relation: Anzaldúan (Re)Visions for Developmental Psychology, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2007

Assessing Writing (review), Deborah J. Crusan

An Interview with Leila H. Taylor, Shona N. Jackson

Forward - Alien-Nation and Repatriation: Translating Identity in Anglophone Caribbean Literature, Shona N. Jackson

Love, Loss, and the "Art" of Making Gumbo: An Interview with Eileen Julien, Shona N. Jackson

Not Naming the Race: An Interview with Charles Henry Rowell, Shona N. Jackson

Perfecting Habit: Guyana Callaloo and the Migration of "Poor People's Food": An Interview with Evelyn London, Shona N. Jackson

What is this Thing Called Callaloo? An Introduction, Shona N. Jackson

An Unauthorised Other, Hope Jennings

Book Review: Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Bed: Modernisms Fairy Tales, Hope Jennings


Dystopias of Matriarchal Power: Deconstructing the womb in Angela Carter’s Heroes and Villains and The Passion of New Eve, Hope Jennings


Promoting Engagement: Young Adult Literature, Picture Books, and Traditional Themes for Secondary Students, Sally Lamping, Nancy Mack, and Angela Beumer Johnson

A Son of the Middle Border / A Daughter of the Middle Border, Carol Loranger

Being the Namer or the Named: Working-Class Discourse Conflicts, Nancy Mack

Multigenre Folklore Reports: Creating a Dialogue Among Interviews and Sources, Nancy Mack

Politicized Representations of the Field: Using Parody to Question All Positions, Nancy Mack

Brunonianism, Radicalism, and ‘The Pleasures of Opium’, Barry Milligan


Shelley and Vitality by Sharon Ruston (Review), Barry Milligan

Mocking Discourse in Rhetoric: Fake Issue Ads and Critical Identity, David Seitz

Between Ethnographic and Virtual Worlds: A Pedagogy for Cultural and Technological Mediation, David Seitz and Julie Lindquist

Submissions from 2006

The Politics of Implimenting Online Dircted Self-Placement for Second Language Writers, Deborah J. Crusan

ESL Students in the Writing Course, Deborah J. Crusan and C. Cornett

Forward - Race, Culture, and Identity: Francophone West African and Caribbean Literature and Theory from Négritude to Créolité, Shona N. Jackson

Guyana, Cuba, Venezuela and the "Routes" to Cultural Reconciliation between Latin America and the Caribbean, Shona N. Jackson

Race, Sex, and Historical Tension in the Search for the Transcendental Creole Subject, Shona N. Jackson

Academic Identities and Answerable Texts: Constructing a Multigenre Dialogue, Nancy Mack

Academic Identity Formation Conflicts: Procrastination, Shame, and the Imposter Syndrome, Nancy Mack

Ethical Representation of Working Class Lives: Multiple Genres, Voices, and Identities, Nancy Mack

It Takes a Village to Raise a Teacher: Hybrid Educators Working for Excellence in Teacher Education, Nancy Mack

Post-Tenure, Post-Standardized Testing, Post-Genre: Combating the Culture of Fear, Nancy Mack

The Representation of Working Class Lives: Multiple Genres, Voices, and Identities, Nancy Mack

The Authorship of Jonathan Swift’s A Tale of a Tub—Once More, Martin Maner

The Authorship of Swift’s A Tale of a Tub—Once More, Martin Maner

When Graduate Students Research Social Formations in Composition Studies: A Family Affair, David Seitz

Finding Class in the Field, David Seitz and Julie Lindquist

Theorizing at the Borders: Considering Social Location in Rethinking Self and Psychological Development, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2005

Series Editor's Introduction - 'Colón Man a Come’: Mythographies of Panama Canal Migration, Shona N. Jackson

Subjection and Resistance in the Transformation of Guyana’s Mytho-Colonial Landscape, Shona N. Jackson

The Contemporary Crisis in Guyanese National Identification, Shona N. Jackson

Blood & Ink: An International Guide to Fact-Based Crime Literature, Carol Loranger

Identity Theory and Multigenre Writing, Nancy Mack

Teaching Grammar Patterns with Playful Poetry, Nancy Mack

Teaching Grammar with Playful Poems: Engaging Lessons with Model Poems by Favorite Poets That Motivate Kids to Learn Grammar, Nancy Mack

Wondering about Language: Giving Up Control to Get to Theory, Nancy Mack


Morphine-Addicted Doctors, the English Opium-Eater, and Embattled Medical Authority, Barry Milligan

Control in Students' Work Memoirs: A Developmental View of Critical Writing, David Seitz

Service Learning in Business Writing, David Seitz

Identity and Learning: The Inextricable Link, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2004

The Recalcitrant Muse: Race, Sex and Historical Tension in the Search for the West Indian (Trans)subject, Shona N. Jackson

The Cambridge Companion to Theodore Dreiser, Carol Loranger

Multigenre Folklore Research Projects, Nancy Mack

Multiple Identities and Multigenre Projects: Authoring Academic Identity, Nancy Mack

Teacher’s Guide, Nancy Mack

The Opium Den in Victorian London, Barry Milligan


Making Work Visible, David Seitz

Motivation and Usefulness in Students’ Past, Present, and Futures: 4 Approaches to Teaching Critical Writing with Popular Culture, David Seitz